E2 VMX 2.3 INDIGO. 40% of the entire system re-coded from the ground up!
Cloud processing system, Odyssey support, new event group system,
massive performance improvements and so much more!
Also, 2 new Music Packs... Q2 2021
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Music Pack

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A unique, powerful and flexible voice controlled context driven music system for VoiceAttack

Feature Overview

VMX is a very unique and advanced voice controlled music system for VoiceAttack which provides the game music soundtrack replacement in the form of our ‘Music Packs’. You can also assign your own music to in game events (or even Music Packs and your playlist simultaneously). VMX also has a very powerful internet radio system, a procedural music system (Formations) and armed with Music Packs also provides the ability to add/remove/replace instruments within a mix! Unprecedented levels of music control all done via a superb unobtrusive voice control system with beautiful voice feedback provided by BBC and commercial TV/Radio voiceover artist Holly and YouTuber Obsidian Ant! Get started super easy with the new reworked VMX Dark Edition.

Music metamorphosis! With VMX Music Packs you can add, remove, replace instruments in a mix using mix variants! Simply say “replace percussion” or “play key up” and hear music pack tracks change instruments on the fly! How about changing the drum beat? You can do that too! Powerful, unique and innovative.

VMX outputs your music playing activity for use in streaming broadcaster software such as OBS (and others). Context mode details, track name, artist and other information can now be added to your streams and recordings!

Music Packs with VMX Dark Edition are super easy to add, simply drag and drop in the pack’s rar file, fire up voice attack, load E:D and you’re away! Music Packs completely replace the game’s soundtrack with tailor made, beautifully crafted music composed by community favourites Angel and Miguel Johnson. New Cooldown mode means you can have VMX ensure that tracks finish playing before the next event’s track kicks in. You can of course have the music strictly follow in game events and change immediately with your actions. Whichever you prefer, it’s just a single command away.

Another VMX unique feature. Formations procedural audio (formerly Audioblocks) are hybrid procedural packs for VMX which compose new music, sound textures and beautiful atmospheric soundscapes on the fly. You may choose to have Formations tied to in game events so as to change the procedural music mood based on what you’re doing in game, or just have it play. This has long been a user favourite feature and provides dozens of hours of generated music. Hybrid Audio Blocks come with the Exploration Music Pack. Formations launches soon with VMX version 2.3 Dark Edition.

Getting VMX installed and adding packs is now easier than ever with VMX Dark Edition. Simply add the new .vax profile to VoiceAttack, drag and drop any music pack or a voice expansion, restart VoiceAttack and go! No more setting up voices, unraring packs or activating context mode. Everything is handled automatically, including decompressing packs for you. Using VMX with your favourite other profile is now easier too as VMX Dark Edition has been sent to doggy training school and had it’s behaviour much improved!

Assigning tracks or playlists to in game events is as easy as saying “assign playlist 1 to docking”. There are over a dozen game events to choose from including combat, docking, undocking, exploration, alien encounters, signal sources and many more. Your playlists themselves are also drag and drop, so you can have playlists imported and assigned to events in no time.

Internet Radio V2. Easily add new internet radio stations to VMX and have them be selected via a single voice command at any time. Powerful new auto preset management system allows you to browse the web and simply highlight a radio station address in your browser and say “add radio station” for it to be added and accessible by voice. There are some popular built in station presets available as well including community stations by our friends at LaveRadio. Very powerful stuff!

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Latest News

Triangulum Music Pack OUT NOW!

Triangulum NEW Music Pack!

Triangulum is the latest Music Pack dedicated to 80’s retro synthwave and retro style ST:TNG music. This is a highly requested pack style and it’s out now!


VMX Dark Edition: Latest Features & Changelog

VMX Dark Edition latest changes

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User Testimonials

Dark Nebula supporting composers

It is a sad fact that virtually every music cloud and download service out there gives the hardworking composer a raw deal. With other services the composer may get as little as a few pence in return for 10’s if not 100’s of thousands of plays. At Dark Nebula, we’re doing things differently, run by gamers and composers we keep a small team of composers and ensure that each and every one of them receives a very fair share of sales, instead of insulting sale shares of 0.0001p per play, Dark Nebula composers receive the majority share of their sales (in the £’s). We think that is only fair. It is only with leading by example that we can change things and it is only together with your support that we can do this.



Owner and composer at Dark Nebula

Miguel Johnson


Miguel is a composer for the VMX platform.

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