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A unique, powerful voice controlled context driven music system for VoiceAttack, here's some of what it can do

Grab audio from YouTube, Vimeo, Odyssey, Twitch, Facebook & more

With VMX Pulsar you can grab audio from YouTube, Vimeo, Odyssey, Facebook and other sites and play the music from voice command and of course, you can assign it to in game events!

User playlists and audio files

You may drop in your own audio files (MP3, FLAC, OGG, WAV and many other formats) or playlists (M3U, XSPF, PLST and others). These can be assigned to in game events of your choice, such as to Combat, Taxi, On Foot, Docking, Undocked and many many more! You can also access your user music via voice command and trigger, shuffle, navigate around your playlists and audio as you wish.

Drag & Drop in Music Packs

Drag & drop in Music Packs created by community composers Miguel Johnson and Angel. You can add as many music packs as you wish, they will work together, triggering either by in game events or via an array of powerful voice commands. VMX Music Packs allow you to change mixes (mix variants) in realtime, want to remove percussion in a mix? You can. Remove vocals, change key? You can! Music Packs trigger automatically with in game events, you may also control them manually via voice with a powerful array of sorting options, such as playing tracks from each pack, all packs, randomly changing mix variants, shuffling tracks and combinations of the above. Very powerful!

Music to Event Groups

Music to Event Grouping. VMX Pulsar now provides multi group capability for your user music (playlists, youtube audio etc). This means you can now have custom named event groups (up to 6 of them) each group can contain music of different styles. For example, group 1 might be a chillout set of music to event assignments, group 2 may be film music soundtracks or perhaps you may wish each group to contain music from different artists. It’s up to you!

VMX Cloud

VMX Cloud. VMX Cloud enabled Music Packs (Exploration Pack & Expedition Artemis Expanded) provide a ‘Super slow this’ command which will process the currently playing track and slow it down by 50-300% and apply various filters and fx to the audio. The audio is processed in the cloud and sent back to you seamlessly. It’ll be different each time you use it, so have fun playing around with this new and unique feature!

Internet Radio V2

Internet Radio V2. Use either the built in internet radio presets or add your own in order to easily access internet radio stations. You can even assign radio stations to trigger on in game events!

Superb quality & innovative Voice Expansions

Top quality voice expansions. Whether Obsidian Ant or Hazel, as the voice of Unity is your thing, voice expansions are a great way to enhance the user experience of VMX Pulsar. Unity Pro now also features ‘helmet mode’ which provides a helmet like voice sound effect, complete with radio crackle, static and interference effects. These can either be switched on/off manually or set to automatic so as to detect when you are on foot outside your ship in Odyssey.

Audioblocks Procedural Audio System

Audioblocks Procedural Audio. Exploration Music Pack features Audioblocks, a procedural music system which builds soundscapes, beautiful textures and tunes from small snippets of layered audio. It can generate dozens of hours of ever changing music. A very unique system.

Powerful control over music

Powerful general music control, such as ‘goto track’ to go directly to a track number, next track, previous track, stop music, play music, remove vocals, replace lead instrument, play with key up, pause, volume control and much much more. Navigate around your music powerfully and quickly with VMX Pulsar’s fast performance.

VMX Functionality Overview

Latest selection of context sensitive Music Packs & Voice Expansions

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Latest News

Expedition Artemis Expanded - Available Now

Expedition Artemis Expanded is the latest Music Pack now available featuring VMX Cloud True Audio Processing support, bonus tracks vs the standard soundtrack, context support and of course, breathtaking music for E:D! is a highly requested pack style and it’s out now!

User Testimonials

Dark Nebula supporting composers

It is a sad fact that virtually every music cloud and download service out there gives the hardworking composer a raw deal. With other services the composer may get as little as a few pence in return for 10’s if not 100’s of thousands of plays. At Dark Nebula, we’re doing things differently, run by gamers and composers we keep a small team of composers and ensure that each and every one of them receives a very fair share of sales, instead of insulting sale shares of 0.0001p per play, Dark Nebula composers receive the majority share of their sales (in the £’s). We think that is only fair. It is only with leading by example that we can change things and it is only together with your support that we can do this.



Owner and composer at Dark Nebula

Miguel Johnson


Miguel is a composer for the VMX platform.

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