Thanks for taking a look at this page and considering donating. Composing music and paying to run a streaming website costs a fair bit every month, I put a lot of time into my music and my videos so donating is a wonderful way of support me and the project. Sadly, most people visiting the site will never donate, it’s just the way these things go unfortunately. If you are able to help out I would be most grateful and would like to thank you for your support, thank you so much! To get an idea of the sort of costs this project has, server costs to serve up thousands of streams a month costs around £40 a month, software purchases and software subscriptions for music and videos £30 per month, website plugin annual fees equate to £20 a month. That’s almost £100 per month just to keep the lights on and before I even take a penny for my own living. Since I lost my job quite recently, £100 a month is difficult to afford.
Click the donate button below to go to Paypal donate page, it takes credit/debit cards, paypal accounts, European local payment transfers etc so it’s quite flexible. Thankyou again.

Kate (aka Angel)