Sizing: Note that we show the EU sizes for products unless otherwise stated. The sizes correspond to a smaller size in the US market, so US customers should order a size up.

Delivery: Items are generally made to order, which means it takes a little time to process your order. Your clothing/item has to be printed especially for you, processed and then dispatched for worldwide delivery. Also due to the pandemic disruption orders may be somewhat delayed. In general please allow 14-21 days for delivery, this may even be a little bit longer if your order has to be processed by customs in your local country, this is beyond my control. Please be patient!

Returns: Clothing may be returned. A packing slip will accompany your clothing which will contain a returns address. Returns have to be paid for by the recipient. You are free to re-order i.e a different size if you wish.

How does this all work? Dark Nebula receives your order and processes payment. An intermediate service then receives your order request and supplies and prints your item, they then dispatch your order from EU or US warehouse (depending on the item and whether a particular warehouse is busy). After a couple of weeks you receive your order with a packing slip and receipt. I receive a portion of the sale which will help support the Dark Nebula music project and myself.

Will more items be coming into the merch store? Yes, absolutely, I have more designs in mind, they will be available in due course.

Are the items, particularly the clothing, good quality? Yes, most definitely. I deliberately chose a supplier with very good customer feedback in terms of quality. The t-shirts and fleeces are often described by customers as well made, soft and good quality. I have not cheaped out and gone with the cheapest supplier. Quality is important to me.

Any further questions? I’ll try to help, use the contact form if you need to get in touch.