You may be visiting this site after using VMX for VoiceAttack. VMX was a Windows application which ran with VoiceAttack providing voice controlled access to your music and ‘music packs’ which were essentially music albums which triggered appropriate music to in game events within Elite: Dangerous.

Before I continue I should mention that I will be releasing a commemorative limited production run VMX gift pack next year, it will contain VMX Pulsar and all music packs, plus bonus music material, the complete manual on PDF on USB stick in a beautiful package. It will be available in the merch store in 2022.

VMX and Music Packs ran successfully for over 4 years, it was a very experimental project and I must admit, did surprisingly well! However during the past 12 months it has been a case of death by 1000 cuts. First the pandemic and job losses/pay cuts hit many regular patrons of mine hard, to the point where many had to leave. As you might imagine, once supporters have been gone for a while, it’s nigh on impossible to get them back. So that was the first hit, the second hit was in general sales, there was a sharp decline after about 3 months into the pandemic despite an initial uptick in sales. As well there were delays and increasing costs with the next gen software iteration of VMX, making the software was eating so much of my time up that I wasn’t able to compose music to keep releasing music packs and of course, that meant I wasn’t bringing in income from them. The next issue was one of licensing with Elite, they wouldn’t license VMX, which meant I couldn’t make videos demoing VMX and the music with the game, if you can’t show your product in action, that hurts. Then there was the release of Odyssey which has been poorly received, this arguably had the greatest effect on sales, everything from queries, sales, to Discord chat died off as Odyssey failed to rekindle interest in the game.

The final nail in the coffin came in summer 2021 after I received one of the covid vaccines. I experienced a severe adverse reaction which resulted in my being hospitalised. I lost about 80% of my hearing in one ear and both ears were afflicted with severe tinnitus, this of course meant that I couldn’t compose music, but it also meant that I could no longer take on mixing and mastering audio work, which was the lifeblood of keeping the VMX project ticking over during quiet periods i.e between music pack releases, game updates. This proved to be the end of the project, it was no longer paying for itself and was costing me money each month at a time when all my income sources had dried up.

Unfortunately with my passion for the game gone and all of the above problems, that was it. I was very fond of VMX and had big plans for it, I have had to in effect hit the reset button and come at things in a different way.

I hope I haven’t bored you with the details, but given the large community built up during the course of 4 years and wonderful friends made along the way, I figured I owed you all an explanation.

Is that it for game music triggering software? That answer is nuanced. The short answer is, yes, for now. But in the longer term, no! It became clear that many people wanted music for a variety of different games and waiting for the software to be capable of supporting several games would have taken a long time. So with the new Dark Nebula music streaming project I’m tackling things the other way round. Creating the music for many different games and building up a library of music, then in future, if there’s enough support, I will build a brand new app (called Music Interceptor) which will trigger music streams via in game events and provide a new procedural music engine. It will immediately have a large music library available as a pool. Music Interceptor will be VMX the Next Gen!

That’s the long term plan. I hope you will join me on this journey and let’s see where it goes…