Music Interceptor is an app I am working on which will eventually be the successor to VMX.

Music Interceptor is an app for Windows which will allow you to tag music from Dark Nebula to in game events for a variety of games. The system will be AI powered and will be adaptable to different games, I can’t say much more than that at this stage. Essentially depending on what you are doing in game, the software will detect your actions and play the appropriate music to go with it.

There will also be a procedural audio system which will also be context sensitive or have the option to just play and do it’s thing. There will be no need to use VoiceAttack as VMX did.

So when is this happening? Well that depends, creating software, certainly of this sophistication will require me to expand skills and do a LOT of experimenting, some work has been done already, but in order to commit to something of this magnitude I really need the Dark Nebula music streaming to be a success and generate some income so that I don’t have to take on other work to pay the bills and live. So the amount of time I can spend on this part of the project really depends on all of you. For now my focus is on getting lots of high quality music out there and to bring other composers on board, but I would love to spend more time developing Music Interceptor, it’s such a great project.

Consider becoming a patron, donate, purchase a music pack or if you can’t, join me on my Twitch streams or in Discord to help give some support that way, it all helps! Links for all these things are at the bottom of the website.

Thanks for reading.

Kate (Angel)