Accessing user music in VMX Pulsar

This article talks about how to view and play user music. VMX Pulsar has a similar way of accessing user music as prior versions of VMX. The following video and article will discuss how to view and play music. If you have not read the previous article on how to first add your own music in, please view it here:

Viewing available user music:

The music you have added to VMXPlaylistsAndTracks folder contained within Windows Music folder will be usable within VMX Pulsar, playlists, audio files and audio grabbed from video networks will show here. Note that unlike prior versions, VMX Pulsar does NOT display your user music or playlists upon startup, you need to call for the list when you wish to see it using one of the following commands.

You may view user music in a variety of ways, some particularly useful if you have a large collection of music.

  • “List all user music” will display a list of all available user music which VMX Pulsar can handle (discussed in previous article)
  • “List audio files only” will display a list of only your audio files, such as .mp3, .wav, .ogg, .flac etc. Your playlists and YouTube/Vimeo music etc will be ignored in this list.
  • “List playlists only” this will display only a list of your playlists, very much like the old VMX Playlist system will have done.
  • “List youtube steams only” this is a catch all for listing only audio that has been grabbed from YouTube/Vimeo/Facebook etc. VMX does not make a distinction between the source video networks.

VMX conveniently colour codes the music listing to as to make looking at your collection immediately clear: Playlists appear with a YELLOW tag before it’s slot number, audio files appear with an ORANGE tag before it’s slot number and YouTube streams etc show with a PINK tag.

Playing user music:

The beauty of such a powerful unified system is in playback. Each type of user music source is treated in exactly the same way. You may play the music for each type of audio source in exactly the same way, like so:

To play music from one of the slots, simply say “music slot <number 1-99>” For example, if we had a playlist in slot 1, we would say “music slot 1” and the playlist would play. If we have an audio file in slot 2, we would do the same “music slot 2” and it will just play. YouTube music in slot 3? No problem, “music slot 3”. So VMX does not care about the type of audio you wish to play, it does the working out how to handle each audio type for you and does the heavy lifting itself.

Making changes to VMXPlaylistsAndTracks folder contents:

Added or removed music whilst VMX Pulsar is already loaded? Not a problem. Use command “Refresh user music” to reload your user music back into VMX’s internal list so that it can see the changes. Note that if you make changes to VMXPlaylistsAndTracks folder while VMX/VoiceAttack isn’t loaded you will not need to use the refresh user music command. The list is read and updated whenever VMX first starts, so is always refreshed automatically on startup.

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