Adding new playlists

You may drag and drop your own playlists for use within VMX Dark Edition. VMX supports up to 50 playlists each of unlimited size, however for easier voice controllability (VoiceAttack seems to struggle in my testing when using numbers beyond 100) I recommend each playlist contains no more than 100 tracks.

So to bring in our playlists we need to first ensure they are formats: .pls, .xspf, .m3u or .adpl.

Now simply drag and drop in all your required playlists into the ‘VMXPlaylists’ folder housed within Windows’ standard ‘Music’ folder.

After adding playlists you may say “list all playlists” to tell VMX to scan and assign them to slots. Alternatively you can restart VoiceAttack and the same will occur. In either case, you will be presented a list of all the available playlists in the VoiceAttack log.

VMX Dark Edition also allows you to change the default folder location for both Music Packs and voices as well as the location for your playlists, please see the configuration options help article for more information about this.

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