Be right back mode

You can drag and drop in a music file to the new ‘BRBtrack’ folder contained within the default Windows Music folder. MP4, WAV, OGG, MP3 and many other audio formats are supported.
You can also assign a music pack track or playlist to be your BRB music by simply saying “assign this to be right back” whist your chosen music pack (or playlist) is playing.

From then on, whenever you say “be right back” your selected BRB track/playlist will be triggered and set to repeat. Tell VMX you’re back by saying “I’m back” and your previous state will be resumed i.e context mode.

You can also set a ‘BRB volume’ so that you can set the BRB volume to another level, perhaps you wish it to be louder or quieter than standard volume setting.  Simply say e.g “be right back volume 50%”. VMX will then play a short drum loop to help you gauge what the BRB volume will sound like. Normal system volume will then be resumed.

Be Right Back mode is a fantastic, easy to use, fun feature which our users have asked for. Enjoy!


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