Context mode with playlists: Overview

VMX allows you to add your own playlists, which you can usually trigger by calling the playlist number out. But you can also assign these existing playlists to in game events. How to do this is detailed in the next article.

To switch context mode over to using your playlists, say “context mode playlists”. Assuming you have assigned playlists to in game events, such as docking, take-off, combat etc your assigned playlists (and not music packs) will now play with event triggers. Note also that you can request VMX to make sure the currently playing playlist track completes before moving onto the next playlist event. You may also use “enable shuffle mode” and/or “enable repeat mode” to have random tracks played from your playlists as opposed to tracks being played in order. Repeat mode may be useful if you are lingering in the same in game event for a long time, for example protracted mining sessions or sitting in a station as it will ensure the current playlist repeats once it reaches the end.

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