Context mode with user music: Overview

VMX allows you to add your own playlists and audio files, which you can trigger by calling the music slot number out i.e “play music from slot 2” would play the audio file or playlist contained within slot 2. Check out this article for a detailed guide on how to add and access your own audio files and playlists if you haven’t already. This article is only geared towards switching context mode over to user music.

To switch context mode over to using your audio files and playlists instead of music pack music, say “context mode user music”. Assuming you have assigned some music to in game events, such as docking, take-off, combat etc your assigned user music (and not music packs) will now play with event triggers. Note also that you can request VMX make sure the currently playing track completes before moving onto processing the next event, this system is called ‘Cooldown mode’, it’s a topic deserving it’s own article, so check out this Knowledgebase article if it sounds interesting to you . You may also use “enable shuffle mode” and/or “enable repeat mode” to have random tracks played from your playlists as opposed to tracks being played in order. Repeat mode may be useful if you are lingering in the same in game event for a long time, for example protracted mining sessions or sitting in a station whilst docked, as it will ensure the current playlist repeats once it reaches the end vs stopping. With shuffle mode and repeat mode both enabled you’ll have a randomly played back bunch of tracks within a playlist that will forever keep playing.

Tip: You may also with VMX Pulsar use music event groups, each group contains a list of in game events which you may assign your music to. Switching between the event groups will change which playlist or audio file is assigned to events, you can have up to 6 different event groups. This is a great way of instantly expanding your available music. You can have up to 100 tracks within a playlist, for example, then 6 groups which may all have playlists assigned to the same event, essentially allowing up to 600 tracks within 6 playlists assigned to just 1 event i.e ‘docked’. Use this with ‘enable shuffle mode’ and you have a fantastic array of user music available.

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