Favour the latest Music Pack

Using the command “favour latest music pack” is a pretty sweet new addition to context mode. Let’s say you’ve just bought the latest music pack, you love using context mode, but you’re worried you’re rarely going to hear much from the latest music pack. Well, we’ve got ya covered baby! Whichever the latest music pack release is on the website, VMX will contact the server, take note and with the above command will bias towards playing tracks from this latest music pack above your older ones. There are some slight limitations, for example, if the latest music pack does not contain any music for a given event, then it obviously cannot be chosen. Favour latest music pack also tries not to overkill the latest new pack constantly playing from it, so it will allow other music packs into the events, but the probability of the latest music pack playing for supported events is at least 75%.

Note that “favour latest music pack” does not persist into a new session, that is, once you close VoiceAttack it will return to being switched off. This is so that you don’t forget to turn the feature off and have less chance of hearing other packs.

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