Full list of every command

Show all commands/Open the manual” opens up this page to view all VMX commands

“play Citizen of the stars/Exploration pack/Trade pack/Angel Elements/The Explorers pack/Exploration pack/Triangulum pack” plays (and sets) one of those music packs”

“play all music packs” plays a random music pack per track

“play all music packs and variants” plays random music pack AND variant per track

“play all variants” plays a different variant for each track within the currently selected pack

“play original” plays the original mix

“play key up” raises pitch 2 semitones

“replace lead instrument” replaces lead instrument(s) within mix

“remove the percussion” removes percussion in mix

“replace the percussion” replaces percussion to another beat

“remove vocals” remove vocals from the mix *note if vocals/percussion etc aren’t contained within current track a small buzzing sound will alert you to this fact

“add radio station” adds the radio station you have copied into Windows’ buffer and assigns it to a free station preset

“play radio station <number>” plays the radio station contained within specified preset number

“clear all radio stations” removes all assigned radio station presets

“delete radio station < number>” Removes radio station preset assignment from specified preset slot

“assign this to be right back” assigns current track/playlist to be your be right back music

“Play radio x, radio 2, classic radio, lave radio, avatars radio” plays those default preset radio stations

“show all radio stations” lists (in VA log) all currently held user preset radio stations

“cooldown mode <timed/queued/disabled” changes cooldown move from timer, enqueue or disables cooldowns, this setting ensures that whilst in context mode tracks are allowed to complete before moving onto next track/event

“cooldown timer <low/mid/high>” Sets the cooldown timer (in timed mode) to 5/15/30 minutes respectively

“disable cool down mode” shuts off cooldown mode entirely (timed or enqueue) and plays tracks strictly to event triggers in game

“context mode status” reads out whether context mode is on/off and which context playback mode is currently set (user playlists, music packs, both) as well as cooldown mode status.

“assign playlist <1-50> to <launch/combat/docked/supercruise>”This and many more events to assign your playlists to i.e “assign playlist 4 to docked”. See manual for more info on assigning user playlists to game events.

“delete event <launch/combat/docked/supercruise>” will delete the playlist assignment related to chosen event

“assign this to <launch/combat/docked/etc>” Assign the currently playing playlist or music pack track to your chosen event

“enable/disable variants” outside cooldown mode whilst in context mode you may include or exclude mix variants from context mode music pack soundtrack. Disable variants keeps to ‘original mix’ mode.

“enable/disable context mode” self explanatory Note that context mode is auto enabled upon VMX startup

“list all playlist assignments” shows all currently assigned playlist to events.

“context mode <soundtrack/playlists/combination” Switches context mode between music packs (soundtrack), playlists(user playlists) and both (combination mode)

“Game context detection <AI/enabled/disabled>” AI switches game event detection to AI, which is lower resolution data input vs journals and API input but covers more games. Enabled switches VMX to use only journals and API’s and thus will only respond to compatible games. Disabled switches off all mood and event detection.

“VMX current track” reads out the name and a few additional details about the track that is currently playing

“VMX current status” reads out play mode, track details (such as length), variant mix option, time remaining etc

“next/previous track” may also be prefixed with ‘VMX’ i.e “VMX next track” moves through tracks

“Stop music” may also be prefixed with ‘VMX’ Stops music playback

“Play music” plays the currently set music mode i.e play original mix mode, a playlist etc

“EQ <bass boost, heavy bass, vocal boost, high boost, cinema, general, off>” change EQ presets

“Volume up/down” raises/lowers volume level

“Volume <1-100> percent” directly sets volume level as a percentage

“enable/disable EQ” switches the EQ module on/off

“enable/disable repeat mode” switches on/off music pack, playlist repeat

“enable/disable shuffle mode” switches on/off track randomisation, can be used in conjunction with many different play modes

“File browser open/closed” Open or close the player’s file browser

“Go to track <number>” directly jump to a specified track, can now be used in conjuction with “show playlist <1-50>” after asking for show playlist <number> i.e “show playlist 1” you can now look through the track listing and say go to track <number> and VMX will play the selected track from the playlist you just listed.

“pause music” pauses

“Resume music” “unpause music” resumes the currently paused music

“Read ID3” will read out the whole ID3 tag for the currently playing track (if there is one)

“VMX current volume” reads out the currently set volume

“fast forward/rewind” fast forwards or rewinds current track (note, currently not available in ‘play all music packs’ mode

“show/hide player” show or hide the music player

“Play audio blocks” plays the procedural audio blocks system

“shuffle audio blocks” shuffles and replays audio blocks

“enable/disable voice attack listening”  switch on/off VoiceAttack listening auto toggle whilst command responses are being spoken back to you

“enable/disable voice feedback” switches on/off voice feedback

“Favour the latest pack” biases context mode towards the latest released pack, according to the website

“Set alert beep <1-4>” change acknowledgement alert sounds.

“Set alert beep off” turn off acknowledgement alert sounds

“open cheat sheet” opens up a briefer list of common commands from within VMX

“Playlist <1-50>” Play one of your playlists from 1-50

“List playlist <1-50>” Will show track listing and details for selected playlist

“list all playlists” Show all available playlists in the VA log

“Play random playlist” plays a random playlist from your available playlists

“Peek playlist <1-50>” play a short portion of the specified playlist (5 seconds) and will display a list of tracks within the playlist

“enable/disable live remix mode” enables/disables live remix of tracks. Disabling makes new remix selections play from the beginning

“enable/disable track retrieval” switches on or off the retrieval of the last used track number from previous session

“enable/disable OBS track data output” enable/disable output of track and mix data for use in OBS broadcaster

“enable/disable configuration options” opens configuration dialogue for music packs and playlists location, disable resets the configuration to default

“Clear playlists” removes all playlists from the player

“play formation <pianos/galaxies>” Play the specified procedural formation from the relevant Formation Pack

“enable/disable mood detection” switches on/off the automatic detection of in game event mood (light & dark)

“Load formation <1-5>” loads up and readies a previously saved Formations procedural chain from your favourites

“Save formation” Saves every formation sequence chain to the next available slot (1-5) and reads out the number it saved to

“Set mood to <dark/light/auto>” Setting dark or light will play procedural audio similar to old Audioblocks system either light (happy) mood or dark (sad/dramatic) mood and will stay with your chosen mood, ignoring in game events. ‘Auto’ asks VMX to use either the AI, Journal or API’s depending on which mode you have MAJIC set to.

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