How to install & update music Packs (inc. Voice Expansions)

Installing Music Packs & Voice Expansions

Download your Music Packs from ‘my account’ section of the website, you will see within that page there is a tab named ‘downloads’ which contains all of your purchased Music Packs and Voice Expansions. Download all of your packs and ensure that VoiceAttack is CLOSED.

  1. Drag and drop your .pack.rar pack (i.e Trade.pack.rar) into VMX_Packs folder contained within Windows’ default Music folder. Also for your voice expansion (ie Unity.voic.rar) drag and drop that into VMX_Packs too.
  2. Start VoiceAttack and allow VMX to auto decompress and install your pack. Once auto decompressing has complete, you should restart VoiceAttack so that the changes are applied.

That’s it!

Updating a Music Pack or Voice Expansion

When updating a Music Pack or Voice Expansion all you need do is drag and drop in the new updated .pack.rar or .voic.rar in to VMX_PACKS folder and start up VoiceAttack. You don’t usually need to delete the old version of the pack or run VoiceAttack in Administrator mode, only if you are experiencing issues should you remove the old pack first. Just like above, once the pack(s) have decompressed, restart VoiceAttack. The pack(s) should now be installed and ready to go.

Using newly installed packs: Once installation is complete you may now simply say things like “play expedition artemis pack”, “play citizen of the stars”, “play trade pack”, “play exploration pack”, “play the explorers” etc. Note there is no need to set up the voice expansion, Unity will auto set for you. If you don’t have Unity voice, then TTS will be used by default.

Next step: For information on setting and navigating around Music Packs please see the following Knowledgebase article

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