How to install & update music Packs (inc. Voice Expansions) with new Dark Edition system

Installing and updating Music Packs & Voice Expansions is super easy with VMX Dark Edition. Download your Music Packs from ‘my account’ section of the website, you will see within that page there is a tab named ‘downloads’. Simply drag and drop in any .pack.rar packs you might have whether a voice or music pack into the VMX_Packs folder contained within default Windows Music folder (assuming you haven’t configured a new location). Now start VoiceAttack. Note that with VMX 2.2.3 or higher VoiceAttack doesn’t need to be started in Administrator mode any more. Simply drop your pack in and load VoiceAttack.

  1. Drag and drop your .pack.rar pack (i.e Trade.pack.rar) into VMX_Packs folder contained within Windows’ default Music folder
  2. Start VoiceAttack and allow VMX to auto decompress and install your pack.

That’s it!

Updating a Music Pack or Voice Expansion for VMX 2.2.4 and above:

With VMX 2.2.4 comes with improved auto pack management which is particularly helpful when updating packs. When updating a Music Pack or Voice Expansion all you need do is drag and drop in the new updated .pack.rar or .voic.rar in to VMX_PACKS folder. You do not need to delete the old version of the pack, simply leave it there. Then, load VoiceAttack and VMX as usual. Your Music Pack or Voice Expansion will be auto updated safely, ready for immediate use. The process is now the same as if it were a totally new pack installation, just like above.

Updating a Music Pack or Voice Expansion for VMX 2.2.3 (or lower):

Just remove the old Music Pack from your VMX_Packs folder (i.e delete, say, Trade.pack folder) and drag and drop in the new version you just downloaded from your account’s ‘downloads’ section of the site. The process is then the same as above.

Once installation is complete you may now simply say things like “play citizen of the stars”, “play trade pack”, “play exploration pack”, “play the explorers” etc. Note there is no need to set up the voice expansion, Unity will auto set for you. If you don’t have Unity voice, then TTS will be used by default.

FYI non essential info: VMX 2.2.4+ backs up your old pack and renames it with .old file extension, so for example if you have Exploration.pack already installed you simply drag and drop in the new Exploration.pack.rar (that you just downloaded from DarkNebula download area within ‘my account’ ), load VoiceAttack with VMX and upon startup your old Exploration.pack will be backed up as Exploration.pack.old and your new Exploration.pack.rar will decompress and auto install for you, replacing the old one. The old Exploration.pack.old will remain present until you close VoiceAttack, at which time VMX will attempt to clear up the old pack(s) for you. This gives you a chance to keep the old pack and also makes the update process safer ie if the updated file is corrupt somehow, you will have the old one until you close VoiceAttack.

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