Linking VMX with another profile

VMX can generally run either as a secondary (linked) profile or as a primary profile. Generally it’s best to run VMX as the primary profile, whether you choose to run VMX as primary or secondary, the technique is generally the same and is a standard feature of VoiceAttack.

To link profiles, first go to VoiceAttack’s edit option (a pencil within a square icon, to the right of the profile name). Second, click ‘Options’ within the window which will have opened up. In the ‘Profile General’ tab notice an option named ‘include commands from other profiles’, click the small button containing ‘…’ 3 dots and now in the ‘include profile commands’ window click the plus ‘+’ button and in the dropdown box select the profile you wish to link together with VMX. Click OK. The order of profiles in the list will decide which profile has more ‘control’ in the list of profiles. Generally, as a rule of thumb, try to keep VMX as high up the list as possible.

If you are running VMX as a secondary profile you will perform the above from the other ‘primary’ profile, the process is the same however.

After clicking OK through the dialogues you can simply restart VoiceAttack and any profiles you have included should be available after the restart. If you find VMX is not auto starting upon reset you may need to go back to profile options and click into ‘Profile Exec’ tab and under ‘execute a command each time this profile is loaded’ select ((VMX Initialise)) as the command to auto start. This generally should not be necessary, but try it if you experience problems.

Note that users of the free edition of VMX are not entitled to support, if you have trouble with profile linking, I’m sorry, but I can’t waste precious time on such requests. If you are a paid up VMX user or have purchased a voice expansion or music pack(s) then feel free to jump on the GMP Discord or email for help, but please do not that even in this case, help for linking profiles is limited. The reason for this is that there are many different profiles out there, you may even have your own or some sort of specific complicated set up. It’s very very difficult (and time consuming) to freshly examine each and every different user case scenario and there can occasionally be strange incompatibilities among profiles, or perhaps the other profile maker only wishes to run alone. For this reason, think of profile linking support as an unexpected bonus rather than a support promise. VMX Dark Edition should be a pleasant experience to run alone and linked, but the latter I cannot guarantee.


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