Peek playlist

Peek playlist is a very nifty little command intended for playlists only, if you’re in game and don’t have view of the VoiceAttack log, but wish to know what’s in each playlist slot you can do so very quickly and effectively with “peek playlist <number>”, so let’s say you want to know what playlist is in music slot 4, you would say “peek playlist 4”. You will then hear a 5 second snippet of a portion of one of the tracks contained within music slot 4, this function is so quick and easy to use, you could ‘peek’ a look inside of several playlists in no time. Once you’re happy with what you hear, just say call the music slot in question i.e “music slot 4” will play the playlist in slot 4.

“Peek playlist <number>” now also displays a list of all the tracks contained within the playlist you are peeking into, you may now also say “go to track <number>” after issuing a “peek playlist” command and choose a track number from the displayed list of tracks and it will play.

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