Playing preset radio stations and customising your own station name triggers (advanced)

triggers (advanced)

A video showing how to customise your own station names will be coming very soon.

Playing preset radio stations:

VMX comes with a few varied style radio stations you may find useful. From our friends at Lave Radio and several other varied stations, there are some handy preset stations:

“play lave radio” Plays Elite specific radio content from Lave Radio. Lovely music and show hosts

“play radio 2” Plays UK BBC Radio 2

“play avatars radio” Plays Avators radio, a gamers centric enthusiast radio station

“play radio X” Plays rock music Radio X from Global

“play radio sidewinder” Plays Radio Sidewinder, another Elite community radio station

Customising your own station names (advanced):

You may replace any of the existing presets (i.e above) with your own, or add additional stations.

Let’s say we wanted to edit a preset and make it our own. We could remove ‘Classic Radio’ from the command list and call it “my station”. Then scrolling down VoiceAttack’s ‘Edit a Command’ for “Play Internet Radio” we search for {CMD} Equals ‘Play Classic Radio’. We then click ‘Edit’ and change this name to ‘my station’ without quote marks. Next, within the same {CMD} section we edit ‘Run application a_player\bin\audacious.exe’ and where the URI containing ‘’ is contained, we change this URI to the one we want. A video will be placed in this article soon showing how to do this, but it is really to be regarded as a more advanced method. If there is sufficient demand, I will see if there is a pleasant and reliable way of automating custom station names too.

Supported radio station formats:

VMX supports several internet radio station formats and codecs. Some stations, however, are not usable, usually due to unusual settings or limitations. VMX can handle radio stations in MP3, AAC, M3U, PLS, ASX formats as well as other codec combinations.

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