Shuffle & Repeat mode

Shuffle and Repeat modes are pretty powerful options, they do as you may expect enable/disable the repetition of playlists or tracks as well as enable/disable of random playback of tracks, but shuffle and repeat also intelligently know which ‘kind’ of shuffle and repeat to apply depending on what you are doing. So let’s say you’re listening to “play all music packs” command option, repeat in this instance won’t repeat an album, it’ll repeat the entire play all music packs request (which would take quite some time!) or if you’re listening via “play all variants” repeat will make sure you are continually served up different variants. For your playlists and just regular music playback, these modes do precisely as you’d expect, that is, repeat mode enabled would simply repeat the album from track 1 once you’ve reached the end of the album/pack.

Shuffle will randomise tracks in this way as well, but can also shuffle music packs and playlists, as already described in the relevant sections.

To enable shuffle mode say “enable shuffle mode”

to disable “disable shuffle mode”

As you might have guessed, for repeat (loop) mode, say “enable repeat mode” or “disable repeat mode”.

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