V-STAR & Command Logic

V-STAR is a portion of VMX which we don’t usually really talk about, it does it’s thing in the background and if it does it’s job correctly no-one will ever notice it’s there. V-Star keeps general tabs on VMX’s general operation (V-Star stands for VMX Self Test And Reporting) it makes sure the initialisation sequence has been run, that important paths are set and that the journal is functioning and in the right mode. It also covers a few of the shorter commands (which may be picked up as false positives by your microphone) and checks to see whether the command in the current chain of events makes sense, if it does not, the command will be blocked and will not do anything.

It is, sadly, impossible to cover all commands with this logic as it can only go so far, but in my tests it certainly does help. Commands which might normally be a pain if run by mistake don’t have any effect.

So that’s V-Star.

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