Who makes the music packs?

The Music Packs are made by audiobook, TV & film composer (working under the pseudonym) ‘Angel’.

Angel’s a lover of all things Star Trek and a long time fan of Elite: Dangerous as well of course as the original Elite game from 1984.

Angel has been composing since 1992, starting out with an Amiga with 4 channels of sound (those were the days!) and a copy of Protracker on a cover of a computer magazine. The very original inception of what is now known as ‘VMX’ (Variant Mix eXtensions) was born in 1993 with a crude Amiga music module tie in. You could switch percussion on and off and the lead instrument or bass. It was partly inspired by an episode of Star Trek TNG after picard asked the computer to ‘add an oboe’ whilst listening to orchestral music. Angel has always been fascinated with adaptive music, but doesn’t believe that taking away the creativity of the human in the process is the way to go. Artificially changing instruments/pitches takes something away from the great potential of mix variants. Hence VMX’s approach which keeps tracks remixed by humans.

Angel’s long had a vision of dynamically adaptable music and after founding Gamemusicpacks.com (now Dark Nebula) it has provided the perfect opportunity to tightly tie music tech and creativity together to form something special.

Other composers from the gaming and film industry as well as smaller creators are also coming onboard with the VMX platform and we are very very excited for what’s to come. This page will be updated as different creators come on board to give them a mention. We have composers from L.A to London on the way. Watch this space!

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