Advanced Internet Radio Stations V2 Adding your own stations

Internet Radio system from VMX 2.2 onward has been radically overhauled vs VMX 2.1.1 and earlier. VMX PULSAR allows you to visit any website or look in any text file, highlight an internet radio station URI ie one like this:  copy it to Windows’ clipboard and add it directly to VMX. So let’s give it a try with a practise run:

Step 1) Highlight the following station address->

Step 2) Either right click with your mouse and select ‘copy’ from Windows context menu or hit CTRL C keys to copy the station to the clipboard (like you would if you were copy and pasting something, except no need to paste anything)

Step 3) Say “add radio station”. That’s it. You just completed the complicated task of adding a new radio station

VMX will auto manage your station presets for you, a set of radio station presets 1-10 are available for you, let’s say you add the above station, that will auto set preset #1 for you. Let’s say you were to add another station using the above steps, VMX will auto add that to slot #2. VMX will always find the next available slot. After adding a station you will notice VMX read back the station preset and display the appropriate voice command trigger for you i.e say “play radio station 1”. Customisable preset names is coming soon.

You may say “List all radio stations” to show a list of which radio stations are in which preset slot, this helps you find them if you don’t remember the number.

There are some preset radio stations for you to use also, simply say “play classic radio”, “play radio sidewinder”, “play radio X”, “play Lave Radio” to use them.

To delete a radio station preset “delete radio station <number>” where <number> is the preset number you wish to delete i.e “delete radio station 1”.

To clear all radio station presets i.e you f*cked something up say “clear all radio stations”. 🙂

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