How to use Mix Variants

Mix Variants system is part of album mode, if you haven’t heard yet (where have you been??) VMX allows you to remix tracks on the fly. There are 6 different mix variants, a

Play Original, Play Key up, Replace lead instrument, Remove percussion, replace the percussion and remove vocals.

When playing Music Packs as albums (i.e not in context mode) you can say “play original” to play the original version of a music pack track. While it’s playing you may say “play key up” or any of the above commands and VMX will ‘remix’ the track and play the current track a couple of semi-tones higher. Say ‘remove vocals’ and any singing will be removed, leaving an instrumental mix. Say “replace lead instrument” and the main instrument(s) of the track will be changed to something else. “Remove percussion” removes percussion from the mix. “Replace the percussion” replaces percussion for a different beat.

This provides huge musical customisation possibilities. You can also access these mix variants as if they were part of giant playlists, see the ‘How to play music packs Pt2’ article for more information on how to do this.

Each VMX enabled music pack essentially comes with a set number of tracks, but this should always be multiplied by x6 to gain a true idea of the total number of tracks per pack. Suffice it to say, there’s a LOT to listen to! Mix variants can really turn a track on it’s head providing interesting variations.

Note that not all Music Packs support mix variants, most do, but some do not. ‘Music Packs’ indicate, in all cases that they work context sensitive (triggered by in game events). VMX Music Packs, indicates context sensitivity and mix variants (VMX stands for Variant Mix eXtensions).

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