Uninstalling VMX Player & it’s configuration files

When you first install VMX Dark Edition, it transfers and configures a few small files in your Windows Appdata folder. You may at some point decide to uninstall VMX and VoiceAttack and (sadly, boo hoo!) never use either again. VMX provides a very useful auto uninstall feature for this. Usually the configuration files should be left alone, they are there so that some of your settings may persist for example after a VMX update and/or a VoiceAttack reinstallation so that you don’t need to go through the hassle of setting things up again. But it goes further, occasionally, a major update of VMX comes along and for hassle free upgrade you may see advice with the download asking you to remove the player files (usually these will be upgraded automatically, but to play it safe, once in a while you may be asked to remove the player files) so again, the uninstaller can handle this for you. So, in essence we have 1) configuration files 2) the player.

If you wish to totally remove VMX (on a more permanent basis) then before removing the VMX profile and plugins you can say “VMX uninstall all”, you’ll be asked if you are sure, for safety reasons. Say yes, followed by “yes I am” when prompted by a double check question. Be sure to be running VoiceAttack in Administrator mode.

You may simply wish to reset configuration to default i.e to reset back to factory defaults or perhaps part of troubleshooting, for this “VMX uninstall configuration files”. This will reset your music pack selection, your voice preference if you selected TTS speech option (bypassing Unity) and some player settings to factory default.

Or, you may wish to remove only the music player files as part of a major VMX update, again, this is usually auto managed for you, but occasionally things don’t always go to plan, to remove the player say “VMX uninstall player”.

In all cases, if you change your mind after performing the above operations, you may restart VMX and the system will attempt to auto repair, however there is no guarantee of success. If it is not successful you will find VMX becomes unstable and throws a lot of errors your way. You may also notice immediately after uninstalling anything that VMX begins to throw errors, you should of course not be using the installation after uninstalling configuration/player files


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