Combination mode: Music Packs and User playlists in one mode

Sometimes you may wish to listen to Music Packs AND playlists together in one mode. Well, you can

Say “context mode combination” to let VMX know you want to include playlists and music packs together. Any events which you have playlists assigned for (let’s say docked, combat and signal sources) will play your playlist. So let’s say you dock, then your ‘docked’ playlist assignment will play, then you ‘undock’ for which there is no playlist assigned, in this situation the ‘undocked’ music from a music pack will play. So essentially, anywhere you don’t have a playlist assigned a music pack track will be used and anywhere you do, the playlist will be used. In one or two instances it isn’t possible to assign a playlist to an event (rare) due to the more complex nature of the event, in this case, again, a music pack will cover it.

To switch context mode back to music packs, say “context mode soundtrack”, as always to disable context mode completely “disable context mode”. playlist to event assignments as described here.Combination mode uses your existing playlist to event assignments, so there is no need to assign playlists to events separately for combination mode.

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