Settings preservation after uninstall

VMX helps you out even more by saving your settings even after uninstalling VoiceAttack. Maybe you need to uninstall VA for a while or need to reinstall it for an upgrade/repair. Well, in the past your pack selection, voice preferences and other settings would all be lost and you would have to go through the “set pack xyz” each time to get back started. Not any more. VMX will save your settings independently of VoiceAttack so that they preserve through your VoiceAttack/VMX reinstallation or upgrade.

Also worth noting is that if you make use of VMX’s pack location configuration i.e you instruct VMX to move your packs storage location away from VoiceAttack/Sounds folder and elsewhere, this new path setting will also be preserved for you. Meaning you can uninstall VoiceAttack and VMX, leave your music packs and Unity voice installed elsewhere and after upgrade/reinstallation of VMX/VoiceAttack your settings will be recovered and you can just carry on as before. Super super convenient!

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