Cooldown mode Timed

Cooldown mode, as well as enqueuing also allows you to set a timer to hold off events. You can enable Cooldown timers by saying “Cooldown mode timed”. Cooldown mode timed will default to 5 minutes timer. Cooldown mode timed comes with some configuration options for flexibility: you may also say “Cooldown timer 5 minutes”, “Cooldown timer 15 minutes” or “Cooldown timer 30 minutes”. Alternatively if those timer intervals are hard to remember “Cooldown timer low/mid/high” low being 5 mins, mid 15, high 30. Saying “cancel cooldown timer” will switch timed cooldown mode off by setting the timer to 0 seconds. You can also disable cooldown mode in general with “disable cooldown mode” this switches both timed and enqueue modes off so that tracks will always play on occurrence of a new in game event.

So that’s the how. Here’s the what:

Cooldown mode timed means rather than queueing tracks or playing them immediately upon new events, a track will be allowed to play for an event, but the moment the track plays, it will begin a timer (5-30minutes) during this time, no new track will be allowed to play, once the timer elapses, a new track will be allowed to play. VMX will try to allow the first track to complete, but this is not guaranteed. So the timer is basically a timed guarantee that new events won’t be processed during the timer duration. For many, enqueue will be the preferred system, but timed does have its uses too. For example, let’s say you’re a big fan of the supercruise music, you could set the timer to 30 minutes and ensure you hear the whole suite of supercruise music and it’s variants. Or perhaps you don’t mind tracks fading out before they’re complete, so long as you’ve had time to here a couple of tracks within an event. Cooldown timed can be very useful and is provided for complete control of your experience.


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