Using Unity Pro & Obsidian Ant voice with VMX Pulsar (includes details about new Artemis Space Suit Mode)

Obsidian Unity Pro Voice Expansion (aka Unity Pro) installs in exactly the same way as Unity (standard). Artemis Space Suit control requires VMX 2.3 Pulsar and works best with E:D Odyssey, see below. Simply drag and drop in UnityPro.voic.rar into your VMX_Packs folder found in Windows’ default Music folder, then load up VoiceAttack. There’s usually no need to load up with Administrator mode, but if you do find that VMX isn’t unrar’ing the archive or deleting the .rar file when it’s done, Administrator mode should cure it. Restart VMX after installing UnityPro voice expansion.

Unity Pro will auto activate once it has been installed. Saying any of the usual VMX commands will give you Unity spoken voice feedback, as opposed to TTS (Text To Speech) when no voice expansion is installed.

Enabling Obsidian Voice:

Once VMX has loaded, at any point you may say “enable Obsidian voice” to switch on Obsidian Ant voice overs alongside Unity. To switch Obsidian’s voiceovers off and return to Unity voice only, just say “disable Obsidian voice”. Your setting will always be saved and used for future sessions. Obsidian voice overs will typical read out when using the music play system (i.e stop music, play music, mix variants etc). Unity herself will handle the deeper voiceover responses.

Using Artemis Space Suit Mode (VMX Pulsar and Unity Pro only):

VMX Pulsar now includes a superb space suit helmet sound fx mode which will be applied to Unity Pro’s voiceover feedback. You may either hard enable by saying “enable space suit control” or disable with “disable space suit control”, there is also “auto space suit control” which will attempt to detect when you are on foot in Odyssey and thus apply said helmet radio fx. If you love the immersion aspect then you may wish to use this manual technique to switch this feature on or off. This feature not only simulates the sound you would expect to hear from within your suit’s helmet, but also simulates radio distortion and sideband radio style pitch distortion, for example when on planets with atmospheric interference or going behind buildings. The radio static and interference will vary. This feature is being further developed and additional aspects such as planet size and type will begin to affect the distortion you hear via helmet radio communication with your ship’s music AI (VMX).

This is a fantastic immersive feature and I hope you enjoy it. Just a final note, this feature will always be disabled on VMX start, enabling or using auto mode will always switch off at the end of the session (when VoiceAttack has been closed).

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