Cooldown mode- Enqueuing

A very popular requested feature indeed. The ability to allow tracks to complete before moving onto the next in game event… is here

How to turn this feature on, very simple, say “cooldown mode queued”. You may turn on queueing either before you begin gameplay or during! You can say “disable cooldown mode” at any time to return to strict following of events. This works with music packs AND your user playlists.

A little more about what this actually does:

There are two cooldown modes you may use, one is ‘timed’ the other is ‘enqueue’. Enqueueing in VMX is basically a kind of cache, so you play the game, let’s say you’re docked and docked music from a music pack (or your playlist) plays, but you take off, thus triggering the ‘undocked’ event. Usually the docked music would then end and fade bringing in the ‘undocked’ track. Sometimes strict adherence to in game events is  preferred, but sometimes it is not, it depends on the listener. For those who want to hear tracks in full, strict event adherence is sacrificed so that when you undock your ‘docked’ music will continue to play. The ‘undocked’ music event will have been noted and held in a queue and an ‘undocked’ track will be queued/cached. Once your ‘docked’ track has completed, VMX will notice this and begin to play the cached event music, this is when your ‘undocked’ music will then begin to play. This is a very powerful feature and rather more complex than it may first seem (because, well this is VMX, we have to do these things in style :)). Let’s try the above scenario again, you’re docked, ‘docked’ event music is playing, you undock and leave the station. Undocked event/music is held in the queue, but whilst you leave the station your original ‘docked’ music plays in full, in that time, you manage to make it all the way out into supercruise. VMX will take note of this and overwrite the cache, thus ‘chasing’ the event, rather than build up a large queue of events and fall ever further behind, VMX will skip the undocked event and jump straight to playing Supercruise track instead. However (yes, I did say it gets complicated lol) should the event which would usually be skipped be determined as being important to the narrative, let’s say you entered Empire space, VMX will not skip this, unless a more urgent event takes place (combat for example), so there is event precedence which will occasionally kick in. These events will be rare, but it is important to appreciate that it’s not always the case that the most recent event will be used, there is precedence which the VMX Plugin will interject with if necessary.

Using cooldown enqueue with playlists:

Yes enqueue works with playlists too. Context precedence will not occur with playlists, tracks will simply complete and the latest event and it’s associated playlist will always be the one used. Top tip: When using user playlists with cooldown enqueue, you may wish to couple this with “enable shuffle mode” to play random tracks from your playlists, this will stop the first track from a given playlist from always being the one which plays.

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