Assigning playlists to in-game events

VMX has a fantastic system for adding your own playlists and assigning them to in game events. Using your existing playlists (which you will have dropped into VMXPlaylists folder located within Windows’ default ‘Music’ folder) you may simply assign these playlists to in game events. VMX 2.2 Dark Edition contains support for additional game events too.

So, take a look at the playlists and their slot assignments which show whenever VMX starts up, let’s say we have a bit of MegaDeath as playlist held in slot#1. We can simply say “assign playlist 1 to combat”. Combat being the in game event. Now whenever you engage in battle, MegaDeath will play. You may assign playlists to events even whilst you’re playing in Elite! The system is dynamic. Let’s say we don’t know what playlist#4 is, simply say “peak playlist 4” to hear a clip of playlist 4 and if we like the sound of this playlist, say “assign playlist 4 to docking” assuming docking is where we want to assign the playlist.

So, what are the in game events you may use and how can you view a list of what’s set to where? Read on:

The supported in game events:

Combat, signal source, main menu, supercruise, docked, launch srv, docking, docking denied, undocked, exploration, death, galaxy map, alien combat.

These are mostly self explanatory, docking is for when you are approaching a space station, docked is when you touch down on a pad, exploration covers a few different sub events from just flying around in normal space to flying around a planet or a moon.

How to see all my assigned events, delete or clear them all:

  • Say “list all playlist events” to show a list of what is assigned to where.
  • Say “clear all playlist events” to clear all playlist event assignments
  • Say “delete event combat” to specifically delete the playlist that is assigned to combat (this won’t delete the playlist itself)

You may also say “list all playlists” if you’d like a glance at what playlists you have available.

Assign this to…

“Assign this to…<docking/combat/undocked etc>” You may also request to assign the currently playing track to an event. Let’s say you are listening to your favourite playlist whilst not in context mode. You may say “assign this to docking” (or any other event). This will assign the currently playing playlist to the docking event which you may use in context mode at a later time.

You may assign playlists to events whilst in game, this includes deleting and re-assigning playlists to different events too.

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