Context mode Music Packs

By default music packs will be used in context mode when you load up VMX followed by the game. If you have previously (during the session) used music packs in album mode (i.e with mix variants) or internet radio or perhaps played your own playlists then you will need to say “enable context mode”.  You can always at any time check context mode status by saying “context mode status”. This will verify that the game journal is functioning, but will also tell you whether you are in context soundtrack (music pack) mode or context user playlist mode. You will of course want to be in context soundtrack mode if you want music packs to play with in game events. If you are not in soundtrack mode simply say “context mode soundtrack” and your music packs will thus be used with game event triggers.

You may also find “context mode include variants” useful. With this command, mix variants will be included in the available pool of music for context mode playback.

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