Context mode Music Packs

By default music packs will be used in context mode when you load up VMX followed by the game. If you have previously (during the session) used music packs in album mode (i.e with mix variants) or internet radio or perhaps played your own playlists then you will need to say “enable context mode”. This is because I want VMX to be as quick and easy to get started playing music pack music as possible. It doesn’t get any easier than just loading up VoiceAttack and firing up the game. But if you are playing music packs in album or variant mode, whether the game is loaded or not, we don’t want game events interfering with your listening, so in order to stop this, context mode automatically disables whenever you use “play music”, “play all music packs”, “play original/keyup/replace lead instrument” etc. To indicate that you wish context mode to be re-enabled, just say “enable context mode”. This tells VMX to start listening for events from the game again. Alternatively, restarting VoiceAttack is also an option.

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