New simple context mode startup

In VMX versions prior to 2.2, context mode had to first be enabled “enable context mode”. This is no longer required. If you wish to play in context mode, simply load VMX and load the game up. Context mode will auto sense the game and run. However, if you load up VMX and use mix variants or perhaps internet radio V2, then context mode will be automatically disabled. This design makes sense, because you may wish to simply play a music pack as an album while you’re playing the game, you may also wish to listen to your own playlists as albums or internet radio and not make use of context sensitivity. In such a scenario, you would not want context mode to keep taking control and interfering with your music playback.

Should you load VMX, listen to mix variants, internet radio or anything else then you will have to say “enable context mode” to let VMX know of your intention.

As in all cases of course, context mode requires either music packs to be installed or your own playlists to be present and assigned to events in order to work. See the help articles relating to context mode playlists and playlist event assignments for more info on these topics.

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