General track control (next/previous track etc) & Track Direct

Whether listening to playlists or music packs you do not need to keep saying “next track” or “previous track”, you may say “go to track<number>” i.e “go to track 5” to jump straight to track 5. As I say, this works for both music packs and your playlists.

To navigate through tracks more finely, you can use “next track” or “previous track”. You may also say “vmx next track” or “vmx previous track”.

To play music with VMX Dark Edition you have a few options now “play trade pack” to directly play the Trade&Mission Pack, “play music” to play whichever pack is currently set (or was last used) or “vmx play music”.

“stop music” of course stops music, also “vmx stop music”.

“pause music” pauses the currently playing track

“unpause music” or “resume music” continues playback

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