How to Play Music Packs- A Deeper look: Playmodes

VMX provides powerful control over your music packs, this article will discuss the different ways you can access and play those packs.

Saying “VMX Play Music” or “Play Trade Pack”, “Play Exploration pack”, “play the explorers”, “play Angel Elements”, or “play demo pack” will play those packs. This is the most basic play command request. Note in the example I sometimes add the word ‘pack’, you can add the word pack at the end, or leave it out ie “play exploration” or “play exploration pack”. If a particular method works better for you in terms of voice pickup, stick with it.

Now lets dig deeper into the POWERFUL STUFF! “Play all music packs” This command will play through the tracks from track 1, track 2 etc but will change music pack for each track i.e Track 1 Trade Pack, Track 2 Exploration pack etc depending on which packs you own. All will be used.

“play all music packs and variants” will do the same as above, but will play a different variant for each track AS WELL AS changing music pack for each track i.e Track 1 from Trade Pack with keyup, Track 2 from Exploration Pack with lead instrument replaced and so on.

You may use any of these in combination with “enable shuffle mode” and/or “enable repeat mode” to play random tracks. So essentially you can play all music packs, all variants AND random tracks. Or any combination of the above.

“play all variants” will play the currently set/selected pack and play a different variant for each track, it will confine playback to variants within the currently selected pack only as opposed to the “play all music packs and variants” command. Again, can be mixed with shuffle and repeat mode.

If you wish to set a pack, but not play it at the time (as in the old method) you may say “Set Trade Pack”, “Set Exploration Pack” etc. From then on, whenever you call the “play music” command, the selected pack will be played.


See also the article about Mix variants as this is another set of play modes for music pack playback as albums, it warrants an article all of it’s own

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