How to Play Music Packs- basics

VMX Dark Edition Setting & Playing Music Packs:

VMX 2.2 Dark Edition has a much more advanced way of handling your Music Packs. In this version, all of your Music Packs are online and available simultaneously. In the past a pack had to be “set” before it could be played, you can still set a new pack that way if you wish but you do not need to. So let’s say we have the Trade Pack and Exploration Pack installed:

Playing those packs is a very complicated process…

Step 1) Say “play Trade Pack”

Step 2) There is no step 2. Your chosen music pack will now play.

Happy days!

Let’s say you wish to switch over to Exploration Pack, then you simply say “play Exploration Pack”.

If you intend to use context mode (event driven contextual music), you DO NOT need to set or play any packs at all. Simply load VMX and load Elite, that’s it.


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