How to Play Music Packs- basics

In this article we discuss playing and setting Music Packs and mix variant usage, note that if you only wish to use Music Packs in context mode, that is, have the game trigger your Music Pack music, you need do nothing other than make sure the Music Packs are installed, you only need to start VMX and then load the game, they will play automatically.

VMX: Setting & Playing Music Packs in mix variant mode:

If you just wish to play a music pack like an album, all you need do is:

Step 1) Say “play Trade Pack”, or “play expedition artemis pack”, “play exploration pack” etc

Step 2) There is no step 2. Your chosen music pack will now play.


Setting a Music Pack:

Using the the above “play <music pack name>” method, you are in fact performing 2 operations at once, you are both setting and playing the pack, it’s the equivalent of saying “set exploration pack” and “play music”.

You may just set a pack without actually playing it “set <packname” i.e “set expedition artemis pack”, “set exploration pack” etc.

Using mix variants (basics):

To simply play music like an album you would just issue “play music” command after setting a pack like above. You may then navigate through the tracks using “next track”, “previous track” or “stop music”. There are additional navigation commands discussed later on in the Knowledgebase. However, VMX is FAR more powerful that a simple album player. You can add/replace/remove instruments from within the mix on VMX Mix Variant enabled packs (Exploration Pack, The Explorers, Trade Pack, Demo Pack).

Using mix variant mode, the following mix variant options are available to you “play original”, “play with key up”, “remove percussion”, “remove vocals”, “replace percussion”, “replace lead instrument”.

To hear the original mix version you use “play original”. While the music is playing you can use any of the above commands to change the sound of the music mix being played. You can of course navigate through the tracks (next track/previous track etc) in mix variant mode.

A quick note. If you wish to have music pack music trigger with context mode automatically in game after using mix variant or album mode, you need to say “enable context mode” to switch context sensitive music triggers back on. This is because when you listen to music as an album/mix variants we don’t want the possibility of Elite suddenly triggering music events over the top of your listening. You may choose to listen to music while in game just like an album or with mix variants while playing. But again, you may not, so you would need to enable context mode. When you use album/mix variant mode you automatically disable context mode. Context mode is automatically enabled upon VMX startup, but is automatically disabled when you do something else i.e listen to internet radio, play your playlists or use album/mix variant mode.

The system is very powerful and flexible, but these are the basics you should be aware of. More information about playmodes is in the next article

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