Updating VMX Dark Edition *Updated for VMX2.2.4*

The usual way to update VMX is to simply import the VMX Dark Edition .vax into VoiceAttack as if it were a fresh install.

  • Step 1: Delete the old VMX Dark Edition profile from VoiceAttack.
  • Step 2: Disable plugins from within VoiceAttack Options by unticking ‘enable plugin support’ from under the general tab, click OK to close the Options window.
  • Step 3: Close VoiceAttack, then re load VoiceAttack in Administrator mode.
  • Step 4: Import the VMX Dark Edition.vax just like you would any normal .vap profile and select the profile. Head back into VoiceAttack Options and re-tick ‘enable plugin support’ to switch plugin support back on.
  • Step 5: Close VoiceAttack, then re load it one more time.

VMX should now auto update it’s files. The whole process usually takes about 1 minute.

On rare occasions VoiceAttack does not replace all of the updated files properly and this can cause strange problems. If you experience any strangeness with playback, commands not working, token errors, plugin errors then please- delete the VMX Dark Edition profile from VoiceAttack, close VoiceAttack, remove VMXPlugins folder from within VoiceAttack/Apps folder as well as VMX_Player folder from VoiceAttack/Sounds. Now re-load VoiceAttack and follow the standard procedure steps above from Step 2 onwards.

Tip: Whilst rare, if an update deviates from the norm in some way and there are special install notes, these will appear in VMX Player’s download notes and will be discussed in ‘my account’ download section.


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