Updating VMX Dark Edition

You may update VMX using the fresh install method detailed in the previous article, indeed if you experience any issues with updating VMX in the manner described below then the fresh install approach is recommended.

The usual way to update VMX is to remove the VMXPlugins folder from VoiceAttack/Apps, remove VMX_Player folder from VoiceAttack/Sounds. Delete the old profile from within VoiceAttack and disable VoiceAttack plugins. Restart VoiceAttack in Administrator mode and import the new VMX .vax, make sure the VMX profile is selected. Re-enable VoiceAttack plugins and restart VoiceAttack one last time in Administrator mode.

The process usually takes about 1 minute. Once the VMX profile is installed, VMX will take care of the rest of the update process automatically.

Tip: Whilst rare, if an update deviates from the norm in some way or there are special install notes this will appear in VMX Player’s download notes


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