Assigning user music to events using Event Group System for VMX Pulsar

Discussion about how to assign, delete events in groups as well as multi assign and deletes.

This article also includes more advanced sorting/listing commands. There are a total of 6 totally customisable music to event groups available for you in Pulsar, here’s how to use them:

Assigning events within the currently set group:

First you should “list [all] user music” to view which music in your available user music pool you wish to assign to event(s). So let’s say you have a nice audio file in user music slot 5, we then can take a look at the music to event group assignment system. Say “set group my group 1” (or “set group < your group name>” if you have changed your group name(s)) to set and list the contents of group 1. Let’s say we wish to assign music from slot 5 to game event ‘docking’. Then we would say “assign music from slot 5 [to] docking”. You can add in or leave out the word “to”, whichever you prefer. So the command structure is “assign music from slot <slot number> to <event name>”.

Deleting events within the currently set group:

Deleting is an even shorter command. To delete an event assignment from the current group, say “delete event docking” to delete the event assignment we just assigned, above. The basic command structure is “delete event <event name>”.

Changing group (reminder):

To change the currently set group “set group <group name>” i.e “set group my group 2”, this can be renamed to whatever you wish, see the previous companion article which explains about navigating through and setting groups and group names. Check it out here.

Assigning or deleting events individually in different groups:

Assigning and deleting individual music to event assignments across groups is a case of simply setting the group you wish to work on with the “set group <group name>” command and then within that group assigning or deleting events exactly as detailed above. A typical use case assigning an event in group 1 and then in group 2 would be “set group my group 1”, “assign music from slot 1 [to] On Foot”, this sets music from slot 1 to the On Foot event in the group named ‘my group 1’. Then “set group my group 2” and “assign music from slot 4 [to] taxi”. You would now have music from slot 1 assigned to On Foot in my group 1 and in my group 2 you have music from slot 4 assigned to taxi event. Thus when you set my group 1, context mode will trigger that music assignment (from slot 1) with On Foot event, but it will NOT actively use what you assigned to taxi, that is in group 2. If you set “set my group 2”, then Taxi event WILL trigger when you book a taxi in game, but On Foot would not trigger, that is in group 1.

The purpose of multi groups is that for each group you have all game events available for music to be assigned to them. You may assign different music styles/collections to each group. So my group 1 could be “film music”, my group 2 could be “atmospheric music” etc and as you switch active groups, different music styles would become active and be triggered in context mode.

Multiple event assignments across all groups:

You may assign music to an event across all groups simultaneously if you wish! For example, if you have a playlist you always want to be triggered with the ‘docked’ event in every single group, rather than manually having to add the same playlist to every single group (a bit tedious) you can issue a single multi-assignment command. To use this command “assign music from slot <number> to all groups <event name>”. So for example “assign music from slot 1 to all groups docked” would assign that music to the ‘docked’ game event in ALL groups simultaneously. Cool huh 🙂

Multiple event deletions across all groups:

Yep, you can multi-assign music events, so it makes sense that you may wish to multi delete as well! Use command “delete from all groups <event name>” i.e “delete from all groups docked” would delete the ‘docked’ event assignment from all groups simultaneously.

Clearing entire groups:

Maybe you want to start assigning music to events afresh, or perhaps you’ve drastically changed your user music collection and want to clear entire group(s). You may use the “clear events from current group” to delete all event assignments from the currently set group. For safety reasons you will be asked to confirm this deletion, say “yes” or “no” when prompted to confirm the group clear.

Re-initialise all groups (Delete all music to event assignments from ALL groups simultaneously)

Use this with care “re initialise all groups” will delete all music to event assignments from all groups. This is a TOTAL ERASURE of all items in all groups. Use with care. If you want to reset group event assignments back to factory default (all empty), this is the command to use. Again, you will be asked to confirm this mass deletion, say “yes” or “no” to confirm, you may also be asked a second time if you are really sure, say “yes” a second time if so.

Tip: This feature may also be useful if you ever have an issue with the event group system, it seems highly reliable so far, but if it became corrupt or glitchy, you should re-initialise it. You need not delete your entire VMX profile to do this, in fact, VMX stores your music to event group assignments internally, so even if you update VMX or VoiceAttack, remove either, your event assignments will be kept safely.

List active events:

This will list only the events which have music assigned to them. Use “list active events” to see this.

List events from all groups:

“List events from all groups” will provide a very long list of every assignment in every group. Handy if you really want to see everything. Be warned, it’s a looong list.

Specific List:

“List from all groups <event name>”. For example “List from all groups docked” will list your music assignment(s) to the ‘docked’ event from across all groups. So if all 6 groups have music assigned to ‘docked’ you will see those 6 assignments. Works for all event names of course!

List current group:

“List current group” will list items within the currently set group.

A reminder of the available in game events for use with VMX Pulsar:

Death, Galaxy Map, Exploration, Undocked, Alien Combat, Docking Denied, Docking, Launched SRV, Supercruise, Docked, Main Menu, Signal source, Combat, Taxi, On Foot, On Foot Combat, SRV Combat, Reserved.

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