VMX Cloud – True Cloud Audio Processing

VMX mix variants have been providing mix switching for a few years now, they are essentially different mixes which the system seamlessly blends from one to the other, it’s worked very nicely.

Enter, VMX Cloud.

VMX Cloud processes audio from Music Packs in the cloud and streams the result back to you, the effect is a 2-300% slow down of the track, making it sound ultra chilled out, the system also sprinkles various FX over the slowed down audio with anything from filters, reverb, granular effects, pitch changes, gentle distortion, reverse echo and any combination of the above. Tracks are processed in realtime and sent to you, with a good internet connection you typically will receive the processed audio back in under 10 seconds.

How to use VMX Cloud & what you need:

Installing the serial key file for VMX Cloud access: VMX Cloud is available for Miguel Johnson’s Expedition Artemis and The Exploration pack. In the product description you will see some drop down options “VMX Music Pack”, “VMX Music Pack with VMX Cloud” and “VMX Cloud upgrade only”. VMX Music Pack is the regular VMX Music Pack without cloud access, VMX Music Pack with VMX Cloud is for new purchases of the Music Pack with VMX Cloud access and VMX CLoud upgrade only is for existing users wishing to upgrade to VMX Cloud only. The upgrade to VMX Cloud only provides you with a serial number that you can use to add to VMX Pulsar. The serial key file is dropped into VoiceAttack/Apps/VMXPlugins/VMXCloud_AuthKeys folder. Just drop it within there. New users purchasing one of the VMX Cloud compatible Music Packs for the first time should use ‘VMX Music Pack with VMX Cloud access, this will provide both the Music Pack and the serial key file in one. Again, you drag and drop the serial key file into the same location. Always restart VMX after installing your serial key file.

Usage: Load VMX with your serial key file in place. Now play one of the VMX Cloud enabled music packs as normal, i.e “play music” or “play original”, whilst the music from Exploration Pack or Expedition Artemis is playing, now say “super slow this”. VMX Cloud will now process the audio and stream it back to you as if it were a normal music pack track.

That’s it! A single command is all you need. Once the super slowed track is complete, VMX Pulsar will move on to the next track and resume playing it in the normal way. If you wish to super slow again, just say “super slow this” once more. You can super slow the same track and hear different processed results each time, there can be dozens of combinations. Note that due to the nature of the system, these are not ‘mix variants’ so you cannot set the pack to a super slow variant and play every single track super slowed as if it were an album. The system is not of that nature.

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