An overview of music to events & Event Names list for Odyssey:

VMX Pulsar has an entirely new Music to Event system, it’s a lot more flexible than the old system, far more powerful and oh yes, it’s frickin’ rapid vs the old system! Long time VMX users may have noticed that the system is no longer called the Playlist to Event system, but rather, Music to Events. That indicate the first change, but is by no means the biggest change. Music to Event system handles audio files, YouTube/Vimeo/Facebook audio grabbed from video and yes, as always, playlists to events. Assigning these to events works in the same way, no matter the audio source, you always assign their slot number to the event. So let’s say in slot#1 you have a playlist and in slot#2 YouTube music and in slot#3, an MP3 file, in each case you would simply say “assign music from slot 1 to ‘combat’, assuming you wanted to assign that music to the ‘combat’ in game event. “Assign music from slot 2 to ‘exploration'” would assign the YouTube music to ‘exploration’ event, so the command structure remains the same. Event names are the in game actions you wish to assign said music to.

You may have up to 99 of your own user music files or YouTube music streams with VMX in your ‘VMXPlaylistsAndTracks’ folder.

With E:D Odyssey and VMX Pulsar, the following events are now supported for assigning user music to:

Death, Galaxy Map, Exploration, Undocked, Alien Combat, Docking Denied, Docking, Launched SRV, Supercruise, Docked, Main Menu, Signal source, Combat, Taxi, On Foot, On Foot Combat, SRV Combat, Reserved.

Brief description of each event:

  • Death: Triggered upon CMDR’s death
  • Galaxy Map: Triggered when Galaxy Map is opened up
  • Exploration: Triggered on multiple events, such as when flying in deep space, dropped out of supercruise, in some stations, around or on certain planets.
  • Undocked: Triggers upon ship undocking from pad
  • Alien Combat: Triggers when fighting Thargoids
  • Docking Denied: Triggers when station controller denies you docking privilege
  • Docking: Triggers as you enter the station or vicinity just prior to docking
  • Launched SRV: Triggers when you depart your ship in an SRV
  • Supercruise: Triggers whenever you enter supercruise
  • Docked: Triggers upon the moment you actually dock securely
  • Main Menu: Triggers upon game start or return to main menu
  • Signal source: Triggers when you enter a signal source region
  • Combat: Triggers when you enter combat zones, whether large or small
  • Taxi: Triggers after you book a taxi trip in Odyssey
  • On Foot: Triggers when generally walking on foot and exploring on foot
  • On Foot Combat: Triggers when you are on foot and engaged in fighting
  • SRV Combat: Triggers when being shot at or engaged in onboard SRV combat
  • Reserved: This is an event reservation for future VMX Pulsar expansion and is currently not in use. Don’t assign anything to this event, it will never be triggered.

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