An endless passion for music and innovation.

“Dark Nebula is a brand new music streaming service run by me, Kate (aka Angel), I am being joined by several other composers who will help build up a superb library of music which you can use for your gaming streams, VODs and personal creative projects without the complication of licensing and without annoying ads butting in all the time.
I am also developing companion software for Windows which will tie into this website and allow you to tag music to in game events as well as providing a unique procedural music system to enhance the music offering.
The priority at the moment is to build up a large, but high quality music library, emphasis is on quality here. I hope to build a close knit friendly community around this service, I am a single person making this music and running this project out of a passion for music and gaming, I am not some large faceless company. Check out the social links at the foot of the site to visit my YouTube channel and Twitch live streams and join the community, I’d love to meet you!
Your support with donations, merchandise purchases and company on live streams is most valuable, without your support, this project won’t survive.
Enjoy the music and please do come along and say hi in Twitch chat or on Youtube comments. There’s also a Discord server, link also at the foot of the website.
Thanks for reading,

Kate (aka Angel).