VMX 2.2 Dark Edition is a music system fit for the 34th century- It is an advanced voice controlled music system for VoiceAttack featuring superb community made, royalty free context driven Music Packs which replace E:D’s original soundtrack. Music Packs are also capable of allowing you to change instruments within a mix, don’t like vocals in the music? Remove them. Want to hear the tune in a different key? Change it! You can also use VMX to trigger your own music playlists with in game events via a very powerful music to event system. It doesn’t end there! VMX features it’s own unique procedural audio system called ‘Audioblocks’ (soon to be upgraded to new Formations Procedural system). VMX is a great music utility when used with E:D allowing music to play according to in game events, whether it be internet radio, your own playlists or our community made Music Packs, control it all via voice and assign any of it to in game events.

Note, we are also launching a zero hassle royalty free library later this year featuring music for small business, games developers, audiobook production, trailers, quiz’s, live streams and much more.

VMX isn’t a gimmicky chatterbox. VMX does what it does and does it well, with minimal fuss. As a piece of voice control software the real challenge is in making something intuitive, easy to use, yet fast and powerful with minimal GUI and minimal voice chatter. I firmly believe VMX Dark Edition succeeds in this objective, with only a gentle learning curve and a small handful of core voice commands to get you going.

Recent updates:

  • OBS integration. VMX can output track, artist and context mode details for use in streaming broadcast software such as OBS, XSplit and others.
  • New advanced Cooldown Modes give you options to ensure tracks are allowed to complete before moving onto the next event track.
  • Dark Edition is easier to set up and use than ever before, ideal if you’re lazy like me and don’t like hassle 🙂 Once installed (and once you’ve dropped in some lovely music packs) simply load up VMX, fire up the game and you’re away! Thanks to the childish events of last year I’m not allowed to show or mention the space game, but it could contain a lot of ships named after snakes 🙂
  • Additionally you may wish to add our rather nifty Unity Voice Expansion which provides spoken voice feedback for the system rather than relying on TTS (Text To Speech).

VMX can be used as standalone or with your favourite VoiceAttack profile. N.B: EDDI is a particular personal favourite, both VMX and EDDI, among other profiles will run happily alongside each other if you wish.

Play everything from Internet Radio (V2) allowing you to add radio stations simply by highlighting them in your web browser (or from elsewhere) manage and play your own playlists via voice or have them play via VMX’s context sensitive system. *VMX Dark Edition comes with free mini Demo Music Pack which may be played as an album or tried in context mode.

New Auto unrar Pack install system and setup:

If like me, you hate hassle when it comes to using game utilities, then VMX 2.2 Dark Edition is for you my friend. Simply drag and drop in Music Packs in their native .rar format, fire up VoiceAttack and VMX will auto unpack, install and configure them. All you need do then is fire up the game (for context mode) or say “play music” (to treat music packs like voice controlled albums). No more unpacking files, no more “set pack” or “set voice”. Super easy, super slick.

Context driven Music Packs licensed for streaming use: Music Packs composed by Angel and Miguel Johnson, we lovingly score every single track to game putting in a LOT of effort to make the soundtrack really feel like it was destined to be the original soundtrack from the beginning.

Music metamorphisis!

VMX Mix Variants- Music Metamorphisis! Use voice commands to add, remove, replace instruments within a mix! Say ‘play key up’ to raise the key by 2 semi-tones or ask for ‘replace lead instrument’ and have VMX completely replace lead instrument(s) in a track, all remixed live, on the fly. A mix variant can totally turn a track on its head presenting many musical possibilities!

Insanely powerful playlists: Drag & drop your own playlists and have VMX Player auto sort them for you. Shuffle, repeat or use peek ‘previews’ of what’s in any given playlist. You can assign playlists to in game events by saying “assign playlist to docking” or “assign playlist to combat”!

Combination Mode: Use music pack tracks and your own playlists simultaneously in one mode! Any game event you have playlists assigned to will override the music pack to play your own personal playlist (you can have your playlist shuffled too), Ultimate flexibility & easy to use.

Formations Procedural Audio (aka Audioblocks)

Hybrid Audio Blocks v1.1 : Dynamic Music Generation System, perhaps the dark horse of the entire system! Audio Blocks is a unique system that effectively ‘builds’ music out of small chunks of audio. Audio Blocks play something different each time you fire it up. The Exploration Pack currently supports Audioblocks.

Perfect for use with VR

The ideal partner for use with VR: Voice control VMX Player whilst using VR, no fiddling around required.