Frequently asked questions about VMX, Music Packs and everything else...

VMX Dark Edition (currently v2.2) is a voice controlled music system for VoiceAttack. It allows contextual game event driven music (both my music packs and your playlists) to be triggered with E:D’s in game events. For example when you dock, undock, engage in combat and so forth. It also contains an advanced internet radio system, non contextual playlist system and the ability to change instruments in a mix (with music packs) by simply asking. For example you may remove percussion, change pitch, replace instruments in a mix.

VMX 2.2 Dark Edition (and above) require a licensed copy of VoiceAttack v1.8.6 or higher. This runs on PC. Nothing else is needed, VMX handles the rest.

Each pack contains from 12-39 tracks, bear in mind that each pack contains 6 variants for most tracks meaning that even a 12 track pack can contain almost 60 tracks. Music Packs with less tracks usually contain Audioblock procedural audio packs along with them, so contain much more music than the track count may indicate.

Hybrid Audio Blocks is a bespoke, unique procedural music generator which blends layers of small ‘chunks’ or blocks, if you will, of music, layering and chaining them together to form different mini tunes, soundscapes and textures. Composed music is also sometimes injected into the procedural music flow to help keep the generated music as interesting and surprising as possible. This system works incredibly well and can give you weeks, if not months of ever changing music textures. It truly is a magnificent system. Currently comes bundled with ‘The Exploration Pack’. Not to be confused with Miguel Johnson’s ‘The Explorers’ pack.

Dark Nebula website contains a nice and clean new online manual which covers every aspect of VMX and music pack use.

Voice Expansions provide spoken word voice feedback for pretty much all functions within VMX, feedback can be interactive i.e for configuring something or simply confirmation responses for your actions. Unity Voice Expansion voiced by Holly is a beautiful voice expansion which makes using VMX a lovely experience, especially compared to default TTS (Text to Speech).

If you do not own Unity Voice Expansion, TTS will be used by default.

Refunds are not usually accepted in most cases. Of course I hope that you all enjoy VMX and the music packs, but should you have a problem then the usual first step is to contact mailto:enquiries@darknebula.cloud. Virtually every problem can be solved, but it’s important you contact support first so that Dark Nebula has a chance to resolve an issue. Refund requests or ‘forced chargebacks’ without any reason given or chance to rectify a problem will be challenged every time to the maximum extent. Dark Nebula enjoys preferential trader status with some of the payment processors as a result of very high quality past service and performance. So please email first if you have any problems, we’re always more than happy to help, we don’t bite!

Once you have an account (which can be created prior or during purchase) and you have gone through checkout you may download your files using the ‘account’ panel on the website (top right). Files will be available under ‘downloads’ and will be available indefinitely. Note that files are available from secure, fast Amazon S3 servers and links will be individualised for you and will expire after a few minutes. You can always download from your account, but if you keep the download link and attempt to use it a few minutes later it will expire and you will have to download again from your account page, the site will auto generate a new private link for you each time.

VMX receives quite regular updates, sometimes they come along like buses in quick succession, sometimes there’s a few months gap. Music Packs tend to be released at least one per year, with the aim being 2.

Voice Expansions are kept to just 1 voice now, however Unity voice expansion receives usually a couple of updates per year.

VMX is supported with free updates for all users, this is guaranteed for paid users, but is not guaranteed for users of the free versions, support and updates may be withdrawn at any time. For paid users, VMX has been in production since 2017 and has received many updates thus far. It is expected to continue receive supports and updates until into 2020.


Dark Nebula now accepts a variety of payment types. Paypal, cards via Paypal (Maestro, Visa, Mastercard, American express) or cards via our payment processor (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) without Paypal. We also now accept Apple Pay, Microsoft Pay and in limited territories, Bitcoin. If your device and browser supports Apple & Micorosft Pay you will see a stylised ‘pay now’ button appear in the shopping cart area. If you don’t see this option, your device is not compatible or may not be considered to meet sufficient secure criteria by the payment processor partner.

Orders & Returns

Orders can be placed on this site using the add to cart or buy now buttons. Buy now is used if you wish to purchase 1 item, otherwise add to cart is best to use. Select view cart for all of the payment options. Checkout only takes a minute, note that you do not need to provide your address if you don’t want to, feel free to enter NA into address fields. Only your email address and name are required.

Due to the nature of the product being a digital download it is not possible to replace your order with another. Order cancellations are usually not accepted except in extreme circumstances, please get in touch with support at enquiries@darknebula.cloud if you have an issue.