Frequently asked questions about VMX, Music Packs and everything else...

VMX Pulsar (currently v2.3.x) is an incredibly flexible and powerful voice controlled music system for VoiceAttack. VMX is in a league of it’s own in terms of music control and innovation.

You may control your own music, such as playlists, audio files, youtube, vimeo, Odyssey, twitch or internet radio via voice, or assign any of the above to in game events (such as docking, combat, on foot exploration etc) for use with VMX’s contextual system with Elite Dangerous. Not only that, but there are bespoke music packs available composed by Angel and Miguel Johnson, especially composed for E:D. This music triggers contextually in game, or you may access the music via voice commands and play them through like an album. There are many powerful commands which allow you to access and play music from any of the packs in what ever way you see fit. Perhaps you’d like to play tracks from all music packs, or just from 1 pack, perhaps you’d like to play mix variants from different packs, you can do all of this. Did I mention mix variants already? No? Well, that leads us nicely onto the next question 🙂

Mix variants are alternative mixes for VMX enabled Music Packs which you can call via voice command. For example, want to hear a track without vocals or percussion? You can say “remove vocals” or “remove percussion” to remove those things from the mix. Like to hear the music in a different key or with a different lead instrument? You can do that too with “replace lead instrument” and “play key up” commands. Extremely versatile and unique stuff! Side note, mix variants are enabled by default in context mode, so they will be included when you opt to have music trigger with in game events providing a huge pool of music for your in game experience!

VMX Cloud is a brand new feature for use with VMX Pulsar, it may at first seem a little like mix variants, but really is not. VMX Cloud provides cloud based audio effects processing for selected Music Packs, at the time of writing, Expedition Artemis and Exploration Pack are supported. VMX Cloud is triggered via the new ‘super slow this’ command. Whilst listening to music in a supported pack you may say ‘super slow this’, your request is sent to the server and a slowed down version of the current track is sent back to you, slowed down 50-300%. Not only that but effects are applied to the audio. The track is streamed back to you in real-time, but with a decent internet connection the whole track can be received and cached locally in no time. The processing is done in the cloud, so does not impact your PC’s processing ability and the process is so transparent it feels like just playing an ordinary track.

Each pack contains from 12-39 tracks, bear in mind that each pack contains 6 variants for most tracks meaning that even a 12 track pack can contain almost 60 tracks. Music Packs with less tracks usually contain Audioblock procedural audio packs along with them, so contain much more music than the track count may indicate.

Hybrid Audio Blocks is a bespoke, unique procedural music generator which blends layers of small ‘chunks’ or blocks, if you will, of music, layering and chaining them together to form different mini tunes, soundscapes and textures. Composed music is also sometimes injected into the procedural music flow to help keep the generated music as interesting and surprising as possible. This system works incredibly well and can give you weeks, if not months of ever changing music textures. It truly is a magnificent system. Currently comes bundled with ‘The Exploration Pack’. Not to be confused with Miguel Johnson’s ‘The Explorers’ pack.

VMX Pulsar is a very speedy system, it doesn’t require high specs. What you do need is a copy of VoiceAttack (voice control utility), a microphone (to pick up your voice) and a Windows based PC. Windows 10 is the preferred OS and is supported with tech support. Windows 7 also typically works fine but is no longer supported by Dark Nebula tech support (I can’t test for bugs with it these days). A copy of Elite: Dangerous is preferable, to enjoy context sensitive music events, but the game is not ‘required’. VMX has plenty of uses beyond E:D.

Voice Expansions provide spoken word voice feedback for pretty much all functions within VMX, feedback can be interactive i.e for configuring something or simply confirmation responses for your actions. Unity Voice Expansion voiced by Holly is a beautiful voice expansion which makes using VMX a lovely experience, especially compared to default TTS (Text to Speech).

If you do not own Unity Voice Expansion, TTS will be used by default.

YES! Some users run many profiles together at once, I’ve seen people run VMX with 4 other profiles without issues. Provided VMX commands are included for access with the other profile(s) you are running, it should be fine.

Once you have an account (which can be created prior or during purchase) and you have gone through checkout you may download your files using the ‘account’ panel on the website (top right). Files will be available under ‘downloads’ and will be available indefinitely. Note that files are available from secure, fast Amazon S3 servers and links will be individualised for you and will expire after a few minutes. You can always download from your account, but if you keep the download link and attempt to use it a few minutes later it will expire and you will have to download again from your account page, the site will auto generate a new private link for you each time.

VMX receives quite regular updates, sometimes they come along like buses in quick succession, sometimes there’s a few months gap. Music Packs tend to be released at least one per year, with the aim being 2. Voice Expansions are updated usually a couple of times per year too.

Music Packs occasionally receive updates, sometimes new music is added, or capability tweaks and fixes are added to updates.

VMX is supported with free updates for all users. You do NOT have to pay to update VMX, even for major version updates. New versions can be downloaded from ‘my account’ section on the website or via the ‘update vmx please’ command from within VMX itself.

Yes! It really does. You can grab audio from YouTube, Vimeo and other sources and either pair it with events for use in game event triggering or trigger it via voice control as if it was a normal audio file. Powerful stuff.

You need to do a little bit of due diligence and be mindful about what music you grab and how you use it. If you are using free (open license) music from YouTube, you should really be fine streaming that music via your Twitch channel. VMX does have some limits on what you can grab based on what YouTube tells VMX is copyrighted material, but in short I would say, be respectful and responsible. Don’t even attempt to stream commercial/copyrighted music, you are solely responsible for audio you grab and any takedowns or legal issues that may result. Be sensible and don’t stream copyrighted music regardless of where it came from. There is plenty of great copyright free music out there as well as Music Packs. Music Packs are geared towards solving this problem for streaming use.

YES! VMX Music Packs are licensed to you for use for live streaming. Licensing music is usually a very expensive and complicated business. Free music that seems to tick this box actually doesn’t. Free music may never have been licensed for streaming use, it may contain recordings/virtual instruments that aren’t licensed or the creator may withdraw the music material from free use and streaming and make it commercial. Then you are in take down and possible legal issues. Dark Nebula does away with all of these problems and makes things simple. The music is licensed to YOU for your own use with your own live streams. Provided you are not selling the music on or repackaging it and selling it or giving it away, then it is within the license. All our audio recordings are licensed to us or created by us, so the source compositional audio material is also legitimate.

Dark Nebula now accepts a variety of payment types. Paypal, cards via Paypal (Maestro, Visa, Mastercard, American express) or cards via our payment processor (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) without Paypal. We also now accept Apple Pay, Microsoft Pay and in limited territories, Bitcoin. If your device and browser supports Apple & Micorosft Pay you will see a stylised ‘pay now’ button appear in the shopping cart area. If you don’t see this option, your device is not compatible or may not be considered to meet sufficient secure criteria by the payment processor partner.

Refunds are not usually accepted in most cases. Of course I hope that you all enjoy VMX and the music packs, but should you have a problem then the usual first step is to contact mailto:enquiries@darknebula.cloud. Virtually every problem can be solved, but it’s important you contact support first so that Dark Nebula has a chance to resolve an issue. Refund requests or ‘forced chargebacks’ without any reason given or chance to rectify a problem will be challenged every time to the maximum extent. Dark Nebula enjoys preferential trader status with some of the payment processors as a result of very high quality past service and performance. So please email first if you have any problems, we’re always more than happy to help, we don’t bite!