Formations Packs

Formations Procedural Packs are coming soon. Formations is the successor to the ever popular Audioblocks procedural system. Formations will come within their own packs like Music Packs but will contain large amounts of audio sources and data for the new system to compose music on the fly for you. Each Formations Pack will be huge, providing hundreds of hours of ever changing, evolving music and sound textures whilst also, for the first time, being context mood sensitive between light & dark moods. They will not only be context sensitive in E:D but using the upcoming new M.A.J.I.C engine will be compatible with several other games too! You will also be able to save your favourite Formation and recall it in future if you hear a particularly nice procedural Formation. Not only that but share your saved Formations with friends (requires them to own VMX and the same Formations Pack) or upload your Formations to the upcoming Formations Exchange and share them with the VMX community!

This is a huge new system we’re really excited for. It is currently in development and will be released with VMX 2.3 Dark Edition. 2 Formations Packs are slated to be released shortly after the release of VMX 2.3 with ‘Formations: Pianos’ and ‘Formations: Galaxies’ packs.

Release date: TBA.