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Upgrading to VMX 2.3 Pulsar? A LOT has changed in VMX 2.3. I recommend uninstalling the old version of VMX, there is an auto uninstaller held within VoiceAttack/ main folder, it’s called “UninstallVMX.exe”. Run it and remove old VMX. Next, download the VMX 2.3 Pulsar installer from your account and run the installer. IMPORTANT: EVERY Music Pack & Voice Expansion has received a major update to run with VMX Pulsar, so you must download the latest version of EVERY PACK and replace the old ones.

First time with Dark Nebula since the transition from gamemusicpacks.com? You’ll need to activate your account in order to download from Dark Nebula, to do so please enter your usual login email address from gamemusicpacks.com and use ‘lost password’ feature. Downloads can take up to 24hrs to migrate over. Email enquiries[at]darknebula.cloud for assitance.

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