New server, new website

So here it is, the new Dark Nebula website. Why the change? has served well for the original product set, you would have VMX and adorn it with lovely music packs and add a nice voice expansion. We’re still doing that of course for the time being, but over the past year or so plans for something much more ambitious and wide reaching have been drawn up. During 2020 a brand new project which we think is going to be a huge game changer is going to be launched, as part of the planning for the upcoming project changes to the website and backend needed to be made in order to accommodate necessary capabilities. The move over to was also brought forward a little due to recent reliability and performance problems with the old host provider, it seemed to make most sense time and cost-wise to make the changeover in one go.

While the next gen project is still some time away there are many immediate benefits of the move over to Site performance, general layout improvements and brand new service capabilities such as gift cards, improved bundle system, better user account management, better download speeds and more are immediately available. Site reliability should now be much much better as everything is hosted on our own powerful rented server now. Backend systems to cater for the next gen product are also in progress as you will see in 2020.

The name gamemusicpacks also is not so well suited to the future direction. Plenty of reasons to change, but some of those reasons are based on the future, how about the now?

Well we have major improvements to VMX already rolling out with the recent release of VMX Dark Edition, 2 new music packs are in progress, Angel Elements (out October 2019) and Miguel Johnson’s Citizen of the Stars music pack which is currently in production. Also being worked on is the ever popular Audioblocks system which is receiving a version 2 overhaul to a new system we’re calling ‘Formations’. Formations will be available in their own procedural music packs which means we can make each procedural pack much bigger than before. More information about Formations in due course.

There’s a lot happening right now, Dark Nebula is here to help make the experience of purchasing/managing/downloading packs much more pleasant than before and will of course help facilitate the next gen product. Really exciting times!

Thanks for your interest.