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The end of a chapter, beginning of a new one...

Unfortunately due to a variety of factors, ranging from the pandemic, to my personal health, it has not been possible to continue with VMX and Music Packs as they were. The business has unfortunately had to cease trading.

Is that it then? Not necessarily! Thanks to the kindness of patrons and donators it has been possible to continue the project as a community supported personal project.

What's going to happen then? Dark Nebula website is being re-developed as a free music streaming website split into game title/genre specific packs, similar to as before, however there is nothing to download and no fiddly VoiceAttack to mess with. With sufficient support I can continue to develop VMX's successor, Raptor Music Interceptor, which will allow you to pair music to in game events, not just for one game, but for dozens, using Raptor's unique and innovative AI system. The streaming website will eventually hook up to the Raptor app and will provide a bucketload of powerful features. But, there's a long way between now and then, it will take considerable time and expense to pull off, which is where donations, patreon support and album purchases can help.

Emphasis on music: The renewed project is going to prioritise making music. Getting back to basics and making regular new music and adding it to the music pack library is going to be my primary focus. Ease of use, speedy site operation, no annoying ads and nagging popups are the recipe for this site, but in order to achieve that and realise the grand vision of VMX's successor really needs your help that's why support on Patreon and donation will be critical. Music pack albums will be available to purchase, donation options will be an option too, Patreon subscriptions and a new merch store will all come online over time.

What about my VMX and Music Pack purchases? Those are no longer available from the website unfortunately, the business has ceased trading and cannot provide those services. However, an amazing supportive community like yourselves deserves every bit of help I can give, therefore, if you visit the Dark Nebula Discord server and message me, I will temporarily provide VMX and Music Pack download links for those who need them, this will be available for all customers until November 30th 2021. Product/tech support will be available also via Discord until December 10th 2021. After these dates, no more downloads or VMX support can be provided, the above services will be entirely manual and are intended as a temporary last resort assistance. That is it I'm afraid.

The grand vision: The long term aim is to get Raptor Music Interceptor to tie in with the Dark Nebula music streaming service and provide game event detection for dozens of games to tie in your music and Dark Nebula music, plus many more powerful features which go way beyond VMX. Those details will emerge in due course.

Your support and kindness over the past 4 years is greatly appreciated and I am blessed to have made so many friends in the community as a result of Dark Nebula, a new exciting chapter lies ahead and together, I think we can do it!

My sincere gratitude and thanks,


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