The road to VMX 2.3…

VMX 2.3 will be bringing some of the most major new features VMX has ever seen. Some of these new features almost make me think this version should be bumped to 3.0!

So what’s coming in 2.3?

  • New game support coming, MSFS2020! Support for several in game events for the new Formations Procedural system with this game. Of course E:D will still be supported 😉
  • Groundbreaking, unique AI based inference engine to determine in game events and provide the appropriate music mood for events.
  • DARK NEBULA MUSIC CLOUD. The website didn’t change name to a .cloud address for nothing! Yes folks, Formations Packs will come in 2 types, the first being a standard locally stored Formations Procedural Pack which is downloaded and dropped in just like a Music Pack. Second is a Cloud based version which gives you the standard pack held locally but also gives you access to a regularly updated audio pool from the cloud. This will enable your pack to grow without you having to download updates or do anything, simply fire up the game and new music will regularly be added to the available pool of audio. It’s a great way to keep the music fresh and given the enormity of even the standard pack, should keep you entertained for a long time.
  • Query the international airport database to log your flightplan with VMX and help determine the most appropriate music style and mood based on where you’re flying. Formations with FS2020 contains country specific music
  • Select Light & Dark music modes to have Formations Procedural engine compose darker/grittier sounding music or ‘sweeter’ pleasant music
  • Save your Formations and share your personal Formations soundscapes with other users. Save & load for your own purposes too of course.
  • Brand new auto update system for VMX. Simply call ‘update vmx please’ to auto download and install the latest version of VMX.
  • Light & Dark procedural options for E:D also, will be compatible with E:D’s first Formations Pack geared towards exploration entitled ‘Galaxies’
  • Manual or automatic control of Formations: Light/Dark/Auto.