VMX 2.2 Dark Edition & Changelog

VMX 2.2 Dark Edition

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VMX Dark Edition is a huge re-write of the VMX plugin and significant change to the VMX voiceattack profile. Everything from profile link compatibility to some annoying long standing bugs and much requested features have been implemented in Dark Edition. Dark Edition implements the 1st phase of VMX redevelopment with a focus on the pack management system. 2nd phase (for upcoming 2.3) will focus on context mode system re-write and new Formations (audioblocks 2) system.

VMX 2.2 Dark Edition FULL Release: 19th October 2019

  • QoL- Stop Music command no longer auto disables context mode, it now stops music, but new tracks will be activated upon new event triggering. Disable context mode or changing play mode will disable context mode. Sounds logical doesn’t it? 🙂
  • Bug fix for cooldown mode, legacy basic cooldown system cache became bugged with the presence of the new cooldown system. Spawning in non station locations exposed an empty cache bug which produced ‘playerResponse’ errors.
  • Bug fix- context mode refused to re-engage after auto disengaging. Now it works 🙂
  • Bug fix- Music core trigger system tweaks and fixes
  • Bug fix- Miguel’s The Explorers Music Pack was not playing in all of the required scenarios. Fixed.

VMX 2.2 Dark Edition bugs fixed in BETA 4:

  • Implemented new server credentials for VMX update notification system (brings it into line with music packs and voice expansion update system)
  • Updated TTS voice responses in line with darknebula
  • Textual changes, corrections etc in plugin and profile to darknebula
  • Beta3:
  • TTS readout speed change on some commands-fixed
  • Context mode not correctly disengaging when switching to internet radio etc-fixed
  • Update for compatibility with new darknebula server (fixes MOTD and update notifications)
  • Initialisation tweaks

VMX 2.2 Dark Edition highlight features:

New Cooldown mode meaning in context mode tracks will be queued and allowed to complete before moving on to the next one. Entirely new pack detection and management system, setting up VMX is now easier than ever! You can now drag and drop music packs and voices in their native .rar format and VMX’s decompressor will unpack, arrange and auto configure your packs for you! No more “set pack xyz”.

Direct2Pack means you can simply say “play trade pack” or “play exploration pack” and the pack will be auto set and commence playing.

More control over mix variants and play choices between packs. Now you can say “play all music packs” or “play all variants and music packs” and hear different tracks from different packs and with ever changing variants! Extremely powerful track access now possible!

Audioblocks available always! No more need to set the Exploration Pack in order to hear procedural audioblocks

Better behaviour when running VMX as secondary profile.

Ability to configure with new GUI dialogues locations for your playlists, music packs and voices! Simply enter a new location anywhere on your PC and VMX will use it as your packs directory. No more being tied to your Windows VoiceAttack/Sounds folder!

A raft of bug fixes including a fix for the dreaded limitation of having to install VMX to a Windows partition or requiring use of aliasing to make VMX run in other locations. Finally squished that pita bug!

Brand new internet radio system! VMX now auto manages your stations, allocates slots for them. Adding new radio stations is as simple as highlighting a station URL, copying to Windows’ clipboard and saying “add this radio preset” boom, you’re done.

Additional game event detection to assign playlists to, playlists too can be queued allowing tracks to finish before moving onto the next!

The full changelog for VMX 2.2 Dark Edition:

  • New component management system (installs and maintains individual VMX components) saves your VMX and pack preferences so that even after an update or temporary VoiceAttack uninstall your VMX settings will be preserved.
  • New built in decompressor, no more having to run unrar archives. Simply locate the new VMX_Packs folder in VoiceAttack/Sounds (or your own configured new location) and drag and drop in any music packs or voices there
  • Cooldown system Enqueue- queues tracks up for you in context mode, allowing tracks to finish playing before moving onto the next. Hear all the tracks in full, as they were meant to be heard, no more needing to switch to album(variant) mode to hear all the tracks
  • Cooldown system Timer- Set a variable timer to force VMX context mode to hold off processing any more in game events for a specific amount of time, handy if you just want to make sure certain tracks keep playing for x amount of time
  • “favour the latest music pack”- Added a new Music Pack recently and want to hear it more often than the older packs in context mode? Use this baby to push VMX to favour using your newly added pack above the older ones (where possible)
  • Internet radio system V2- Add stations from your web browser! Go find those puppies, highlight the station’s URL and say “add new radio station”. VMX will auto insert it to a preset(automagically created for you) and read back the preset name (you can also name presets yourself).
  • Direct2Pack-“play all music packs” or “play all variants and music packs” or perhaps play random tracks AND variants AND music packs. It’s your choice. The all new dynamic Music Pack system will handle it all with ease!
  • New configuration GUI dialogues. Enter your own custom locations for playlists, music packs and voice.
  • New pack library information, after startup, displays all your available packs, versions, brief info about the pack and what the latest version on the server is for each pack.
  • New VMX logic system, monitors the order of your command actions and if false positive voice requests are detected by VoiceAttack, if VMX feels the request does not make sense, it will be discarded. Significantly reduces the chance of false command pickups.
  • Setting volume slider in GUI now reflected (and saved) within VMX itself.


  • Auto Music Pack & Voice set up. No more need to say “set voice Unity” she’s now always auto set for you. New to VMX? No more need to say “set trade pack” etc either. On new install new packs will be set for you. You can change packs by simply saying “play trade pack” for example.
  • VERY rapid startup and much improved response time to commands
  • New voice responses for new features and improvements for older improved features
  • Path configurations and other settings preserved after updating VMX or even VoiceAttack
  • Very flexible possibility to install VMX to wherever you like, no longer tied to Windows partitions
  • New update system
  • Context mode now always auto detects Elite: Dangerous and waits for the game to start.
  • New and improved alert beeps (they really do sound fab!)
  • Reset VMX command deprecated, profile wizard deprecated, VMX hand-off mode deprecated
  • TTS auto set if you don’t have Unity Voice Expansions
  • Player GUI behaves better in higher resolutions
  • Massive reduction in VMX profile size and load time
  • Morgan intro sound is back (by popular demand!)
  • Amiga MOD and SID soundfiles now supported!
  • Playlist handling count now increased to 50.
  • Current track and status info gives more info to reflect some of the new features
  • New music pack support for Triangulum and Angel Elements Packs (plus ‘other’ things coming soon)
  • Pack management system overhauled, VMX now understands pack characteristics and capabilities no longer relying on config files or clunky VA script.

VMX Bugfixes:

  • MOTD fixed, changes made by site host broke the system. A fix both server and client side implemented.
  • Dreaded player bug stopping VMX’s player from running outside Windows program files(x86) location fixed
  • Peek playlist command bug fix
  • BRB mode fixes
  • Update notification system fixed
  • Audioblocks Engine2 fix- wasn’t recognising all blocks.
  • Play all variants in context mode was not actually playing all variants, it now works properly and does

Journal Bugfixes:

  • Journal was sometimes holding up VMX startup- fixed
  • Journal caused exception when Elite: Dangerous was not installed- fixed