VMX 2.3 Pulsar Changelog


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VMX 25th June 2021

  • Fix installer issue with VMX, profile was deleting – fixed
  • Audacious config updated, replace metas disabled by default to help with formatting of track details in playlists
  • When Music folder is aliased to anywhere but default location, VMX wasn’t seeing the location – fixed
  • Prefetch sounds errors when switching profile away from VMX and back again – fixed
  • Added YouTube, Vimeo, Odysee, LBRY, Facebook, Twitter video grabbing feature “add video to use music” command is now available! Just highlight a video link and say the command and you’re done!
  • Speculative fix for leaving context mode and using “play <music pack name>” command causing soft error
  • Link parser, ffmpeg converter added
  • Additional minor error checking code added

VMX 2.3 Pulsar 2.3.1 Beta 3 – Updated June 1st 2021

  • Dynamically add in music packs and voices – A restart of VoiceAttack is no longer required after adding new packs (when the unrar process completes)
  • ‘Favour latest pack’ feature has been re-activated in Pulsar after being hooked up to the new core system, it will use the latest music pack as much as it can in context mode music packs.
  • ‘Include/enable variants’ now works again for cooldown mode
  • Added cooldown mode compatibility with Expedition Artemis Expanded music pack
  • Added cooldown and context mode status info on VMX startup
  • Improved VMX startup performance a little more
  • Fix for possible exceptions with VMX Cloud serial code system
  • New (more mellow) intro theme
  • Upgraded web connection framework for pack manifest system
  • Printable cheat sheet containing many common commands can now be found in VMX_Player folder (within VoiceAttack/Sounds)
  • Preventative improvement for pack manifest system to negate the possibility of soft crash
  • Internet radio stations updated (Lave Radio preset has an issue which I’m looking into)
  • Internet radio performance improved

VMX 2.3 Pulsar Beta 2- Updated 28th May 2021

  • Odyssey events not triggering, such as taxi, onfoot etc – Fixed
  • Audioblocks fails to initiate- Fixed
  • Playlists failing with ‘Not set’ errors in context mode – Fixed
  • Context mode’s “enable variants”- This hasn’t worked as intended for a long time, it now uses VMX’s newly re-coded core engine…. it works as originally intended now.
  • Space suit mode cutting out voiceovers after calling for Audioblocks- Fixed
  • “All music packs and variants” command failing – Fixed
  • “all variants” and “all music packs command after a while throws up indexing errors – Fixed
  • VMX after fresh installation/update sets to user music (playlists) mode, as a result throws up ‘not set errors’ – Fixed
  • Context mode preferences not being loaded on VMX start causing user playlist mode to lock on – Fixed
  • Incorrect flag reads on user playlist Not Assigned – Fixed
  • Mix Variants Yes/No capability on startup added (shows whether a music pack has mix variants or not)
  • Context mode commands changed and updated “context mode music packs” and “context mode user music” replace the old ‘soundtracks’ and ‘user playlists’ command.
  • Voiceovers and voiceover compatibility updated with new Pulsar voiceovers ‘user music’, ‘combination mode’ and ‘music packs’ voiceovers added.
  • Less verbose version of Artemis Suit Control commands “enable/disable helmet mode” added
  • Retrieve track number, feature deprecated.
  • Less verbose event list command “list user music” replaces ‘list all user music’
  • Journal updated to cater for changes FDev made in their first hotpatch, workaround for loss of ‘main menu’ event being sent from the game implemented until Fdev fix the problem, VMX detects MainMenu again
  • “play <music pack name>” was only setting packs and not playing – Fixed
  • Printable Cheat Sheet added to help remind you of commands (it’s in VMX_Player folder in VoiceAttack/Sounds)
  • Context mode music pack soundtrack RNG fixed and efficiency improved
  • Corrupt/Non compatible packs wrongly attempt to play voiceover name – Fixed
  • Your old music pack preference does not correctly import from VMX Dark Edition to VMX Pulsar – Fixed
  • File not found and ‘out of bounds’ error with “play all music packs”- Fixed
  • System searching for Formations .blok packs when “all music packs” completes several hours playing – Fixed
  • Signature intro updated, now more mellow 🙂
  • Using cooldown mode causes ‘Not set’ errors in context mode, music won’t play – Speculative fix in place
  • Context mode and cooldown modes status not showing on VMX start – Fixed
  • Setting music to ‘Combat’ event does not read out the ‘combat’ event name in voiceovers. Fixed
  • Plugin crash when pack manifest server down- Patched

Release 2.3 ‘VMX PULSAR Massive Update & VMX core overhaul, the biggest ever!

  • Added support for Odyssey, bringing new context events: OnFoot Combat, Taxi,SRV Combat, OnFoot Exploration.
  • Brand New Playlist-> Event Grouping system, allows you to pair not just playlists, but audio files and YouTube Music streams to in game events! But that’s not all, you can now have multiple playlist->event groups so you could have one group with, say, ambient group, film music group (you can name the groups whatever you wish!) and switch between them in an instant allowing you to change all playlist->event assignments depending on your mood!
  • Brand new query system for Event Grouping system, you can do some very powerful searches across your groups, how’s about “show all events from ambient group” or “show all combat assignments”, “show all active event assignments”. Perhaps you’d like to add playlists, audio or YouTube Music to multiple groups simultaneously? You can!
  • VMX Cloud Variants! VMX 2.3 Pulsar for the first time ever, now offers true cloud processing of music pack tracks in the cloud! Requests are sent to the server and various FX are sprinkled on top of a 2-300% slowdown of the selected track, providing a really chillout version of any music pack music. If you are familiar with music slowed down on YouTube for chillout effect, the VMX Cloud Processing offers similar results in just a few short seconds. Don’t worry about processing dragging down your PC’s performance while gaming, all processing is handled in the cloud!
  • Artemis Mode- UnityPro Voice Expansion users can now switch space suit mode on/off, this option will transfer your ship’s AI music control (Unity) to your space suite allowing you to control your music from suit, this feature changes the voice feedback sound to simulate in suit sound (with some breathing fx too!) a transfer notification sound will notify you when transferring music AI control from ship to suit.
  • VMX Output compatibility with EDCoPilot, a brand new advanced E:D utility which provides UI feedback (both to app and VR environment) from VMX. Manage playlists, event groups, event assignments, see music pack information plus of course all of the functionality of EDCoPilot itself!
  • Brand new pack detection and management system, much faster than before, VMX now shows the track name, artist and pack details when playing music packs.
  • VMX Playlists v2, the first Playlists update since VMX launch. VMX Playlists are now ‘music and playlists’. Your own music for pairing with in game events can now be audio files, playlists and YouTube streams!
  • Brand new voiceovers for VMX Pulsar
  • Brand new musicpack from Miguel Johnson ‘Expedition Artemis’, Exploration Pack 2 is also in the works
  • VMX Cloud activation system via personal serial code
  • Your music and playlists now inform you if they are assigned to in game events
  • Formations Procedural partial implementation (the successor to audioblocks) system is half ready, completion coming in a 2.3.x update
  • Brand new pack update and update notification system, switched old custom system out to new Microsoft standard versioning system which keeps tighter control of versions and notifies together each update and update version details.
  • VMX Performance uplift & QOL improvements:
  • 200% speed improvement, yes you read that correctly, 200% speed improvement of VMX startup! Massive speed improvement of track changes for music packs and general player control
  • 50-100% speed improvement for adding new .pack.rar files, unrar’ing speed performance boost
  • VMX Update system overhauled, both the download and notification system overhauled. Update checking is now delayed and commences after VMX startup, thus radically improving startup performance
  • Journal updated
  • Massive chunks of legacy VA script thrown out and replaced with plugin functionality
  • Faster pack switching
  • Increased VMX playlists handling from max 50 to 99. That is, 99 playlists, audio files and YouTube streams can be added.
  • Measure performance speed of event group management
  • Bug Fixes
  • Fixed (once and for all) voiceattack listening enable/disable sticking on/off, now works, always.
  • Delayed reaction occasionally on music pack tracks change, fixed, it’s now frickin’ rapid, always!
  • Unrar system overhauled, should now be more reliable in removing .rar’s, but this does depend on how your PC is set up with regards to permissions.
  • Faster voice feedback
  • Retired old voice control EQ system
  • Optimised VMX initialisation sequence
  • Reduced memory footprint
  • Moved pack and voice management from VA & Plugin hybrid to purely plugin and re-worked
  • Audacious player upgraded, UI enhanced and other improvements including playlist display enhancement and improved visuals
  • Removed legacy journal and journal management script from VA

Fixed pause/unpause function when used with playlist tracks

Fixed VMX_Packs folder not being created on fresh install

New music player UI, cleaner looking, improved for hi-res setups

Player bumped up to v4

Fix for potential error message after using auto updater spawning ‘libff-6.dll process in use’ error messages.

Improve performance of auto update system

Complete work on uninstaller, now works 🙂

Auto remove old update installer temp files

Auto update system. Use command ‘update VMX please’ to auto download and install the latest version of VMX. Your old files will be updated, deprecated files removed etc.

New VMX installer, for first installation a brand new .exe installer is now available in your accounts, after initial use to upgrade to VMX 2.2.7 you may then use the auto update system with ‘update VMX please’ voice command

FIX- playlist ‘assign this to <event>’ command now fixed for your playlists

FIX- “assign <playlist no.> to <docking/supercruise etc>” command now fixed and improved response when using the word “to”, it can now tell the difference between “2” and “to”.

Performance improvement for when assigning playlists

Improvement for handling interruptions between player and plugin.

FIX-Some voiceovers were causing VoiceAttack listening to remain off instead of it auto switching back on.

.Net framework compliance update